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Shin splints


So I decided today I’d give it a go and actually start the 5k challenge and first off this was a huge obstacle of the anxiety to even get out there and run which I still do not feel very confident doing. So I got everything ready, long legged base layer, a pair of compression socks and the neck warmer and hoodie, sat there for 5 minutes trying to build up the confidence to get going, which I eventually did and I suppose the first times would be the hardest.

I completed the warm up walk the first run

, rest, 2nd run, Then as I slowed down I felt tight. Completed the 3rd run and when I stopped to the walk it was like full blown cramp. I walked and tried to push through it all the way to the 5th run completed that and I just couldn’t push through it. I wasn’t too far from home so I cut short.

Im mad because I sound completely unfit and I couldn’t even complete run 1 but I run more and triple the time I was out for tonight during football and no shin splints, it’s not something I’ve suffered with regularly but I can’t imagine getting anywhere close to 5k if this continues every time I head out for a run.

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You describe cramps in the run and shin splints later... they’re not the same thing so I’m a little confused.

No disgrace not being able to run 60 seconds non stop... very few premier league players ever do.

Slow down, land your feet under the body, wear good shoes, hydrate well, run on softer surfaces, and slow down some more and problems should ease.

Yh tbh I think it is more cramps but it then triggered into shin splint because I changed the way I ran. With a bit more impact on the legs which I think started them off.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Taylor0714

Ok... have you been thirsty today after your first drink? If you have hydration isn’t perfect... sip water all day every day... downing water does nothing for you, just means your loo is busier!

Footfall is huge... heel strikes will impact the shins... toe first will give the calf muscles a workout they may not be ready for! Land under you and you’re unlikely to heel strike, so concentrate on not landing on the toes, and you should be good.

One other factor, and dunno what postilion you play, I’m gonna assume midfield... you’re not chasing a striker who got past you, you’re not shutting down their midfield... you’re running in behind your forwards... it looks like they’ll score, so you’re putting yourself in a position just in case. No rush, gentle jog into that position... make sense? That’s how to run this.

Hydration is a good point as I have been feeling a bit dehydrated today. And as for football it’s cb. So Yh I am sprinting after the strikers but it means I’m also having recovery time when we have possession I’ll be slow jogging for support. It was a bit demoralising because knowing in my head I am running near enough 5k a night I thought the transition might have been a bit comfortable to start off. I’ll just repeat and repeat until I feel comfortable.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Taylor0714

Cool... jog the whole thing like you’re in support. That will build endurance... that’s what matters here... so I guess you went to fast in your run... me too, run one nearly killed me! When you get back on it just run it easy... imagine you’ve just got up to their corner flag and delivered a great cross... the striker converted... its 1-0 there’s 30 seconds left in the game. If you don’t run back, you’re getting a yellow... but you wanna to get there slowly! Do that run!


If you slow down you not only don't get out of breath, you also put considerably less stress on your body, which is why the recommended pace for C25K is an easy conversational pace.......... if you cannot speak clear ungasping sentences as you run, then you are going too fast.

This is all explained in the guide to the plan

Yh tbh I posted this before and was a bit pissed off that I struggled to do week 1. So after a rest of a few hours I was determined to complete it so I checked out the pace and slowed down dramatically. I completed the challenge and felt great after it. I actually could of completed it again straight after. And done the hour.

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