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Shin splints?

Have read lots of info and think I have shin splints in left leg. Had pain for over a week which is bearable once I get going but am worried I might be causing damage. Really don't want to stop now as on week 7 r2. Been advised to run on grass. Will it be more difficult running on grass? And could it just be my body just getting used to the longer runs? I've had other aches and pains but they've gone away and the aches have moved to different areas but this one's staying. It hurts a bit just walking. And it's weird it's just the one leg!

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A shin splint is a stress fracture which causes pain in the shin bone which radiates up and down the length of the shin and can be unbearable It’s a stress fracture which can develop into a full blown fracture if you don’t stop running. I had one, and the pain was so acute, i thought i had broken my leg. I went to the doc and then an nhs physio. Whether what you have is a shin splint I don’t know. If it doesn’t get any better you will need to seek help

You are new to running , I assume, so it could just be new runner niggles. I assume you have running shoes ?

Running on grass is actually quite tiring 😃 you could try it though. I like forest trails. All those pine needles etc make for a lovely surface in good weather

I did physio exercises and no running for months but the good thing was that treatment was just exercise to strengthen calves feet and legs

So, what you have after 7 weeks of the programme might just be niggles but don't ignore it if it doesn’t improve 🙂

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Thank you Miss Wobble that is really helpful - I'm now thinking that it's probably just more newbie niggles. It's not acute pain - I definitely don't feel like I've broken my leg! I'll see how it goes.


Be sure to go only really slowly. No hurry for this programme at all. It’s only about completing each session


Shin splints aren't stress fractures! runnersworld.com/shin-splints


Thanks for the link. That's useful. I'm icing my leg as I speak.


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