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Finally I have done it !!!!!

3o minutes was a dream for me 3 months ago. I checked my Cholesterol level at that time and it was really high and i had to do something for it.....Then I found this amazing C25K from Laura which worked wonders....first week was the worst with some chest tightness and then it was shin splints for a few weeks and side stitches after that. But finally I did it Hurrayyyyyyyy..... I think this is the first thing in my whole life i did with dedication.......Now I feel proud, confident and healthy......I recommended this to many people and they have started this programme.....I am going to continue running this 30 mins runs for a few more weeks and I am then move on to a fast or long run. Any suggestions on a fast run or long run???

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Congratulations! It is a fantastic feeling, isn't it?


Congratulation, you should be proud of what you have achieved. Well done.


Well done!

Why don't you treat yourself to a 'free' run? Just go out with your music and run, jog, walk wherever you feel like going for as long as you feel like being out.

It is very liberating!


Brilliant and its a wonderful feeling eh??


well done!! its the best feeling in the world eh..

think we all graduate and then think "what now"??

continue with the 30min runs for now, look up any 5k park runs or fun runs in your area and challenge yourself to do 1 of those?

there's a new podcast due out soon that a lot of graduates are awaiting (including me)

i need goals to focus on to keep me motivated..

But for now.. relish in the fact that you're now a runner and a c25k graduate!! well done!!


Wow! Well done! 5k is still a dream to me. Maybe try for a half marathon?


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