Woopeee!! I done it :)

Wow what a feeling!!! I am officially a RUNNER.. me 49 year old .. x smoker..x binge cake eater. Couldn't run for 60 seconds five weeks ago.. just ran.. yes RAN ( slowly) week five run 3. 20 minutes.. wow !!! Wasn't going to let myself fail.. but those gremlins sure are sneeky.. they popped their heads round a few trees along the middle stage.. I swear they were laughing at me.. well I soon shook them off.. when laura said workout complete.. I checked around make sure nobody was about.. punched the air and shouted. YES!!! Thanks everyone.. your support has been immense. .. week 6 I'm ready:) well a rest day and some more reading of your posts .. Thanks troops you stood beside me today x


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  • Brilliant sparky! Many congratulations to you. Punching the air is the only way to go when you've done what you've just done. I'll punch the air for you too. There, did you see that?

    Don't forget to get your badge by clicking the link on the right.

  • Thanks irishprincess.. I've not graduated yet.. lol just completed w5r3. 20 min run x

  • Oops! Blame the drugs! Well IMHO the 20 minute run is THE biggie of the programme so my words still stand. Bet you haven't stopped smiling all day.

  • Well done sparky! I had no doubt you would do it :)

  • Thanks shivani x

  • Well done Sparky! Your reaction is one many of us copied :)

    Be careful of week six, your brain tells you it should be a piece of cake after running for 20 minutes, but it catches a lot of people out. Crack on ma'am!

  • Thanks 5korbust.. I know.. I've been reading everyone's posts and taking onboard all the excellent advice and experiences.. and put them into practice all the way!! Couldn't do it without you all x

  • Love your enthusiasm but am slightly confused, think you just completed week 5 run 3 the 20 minute run which really is something to be proud of. No need to look around before punching the air, enjoy the moment unashamedly.

  • Yes slowstart w5r3. I think it was irishprincess..got confused..lol.. and thankyou x

  • Ahh yes, w5r3 such a high. Enjoy feeling amazing all day, I know I did.

    Now, you've read the posts about weeks 6, just take it easy. You're on the home straight now.

  • Yes! I did it in the middle of the gym. Got a few funny looks, but nothing could get the smile off my face :)

    Well done. w5r3 is a milestone. Be careful of w6r1, just take it slowly. It may be harder than you expect.

  • Run run run run run run run run run and done! Great job!

  • Thanks goldene x

  • Brill work! I think W5R3 is the real high point of the whole programme. Graduating is fantastic of course, but by that time you have got used to the idea that you can do it. 5/3 seems like such an unimaginable peak to scale before you do it, and once you do it a real Satori moment.

    Perhaps not as memorable as the birth of one's first child, but up there, certainly - the birth of a new runner..

  • Fantastic achievement - gives hope to this 49 year old reformed cakeaholic!

  • So, how does the world look from a "proper runner" point of you? (Apart from blurred :p )

    Very well done, runner! Now the graduation is in sight; go get it! :)

  • Thanks secan..it sure looks pretty darn good.. feels awesome.. looking ahead and building up to week 6 taking all advice as recommended.. hope you still basking in your graduation glory.. I've been keeping up with your progress..well done x

  • No time for basking, I'm busy running. ;)

    In fact, I'm heading out right now for the 3rd post-graduation 5k.

    See you later! :)

  • Ooh you are such a show off :) beep beep!!!

  • :P

    Guilty as charged :D

  • Wow Sparky that's brilliant! It's great isn't it? Until last October I had not really ran since my school days and that is a long time ago. I'm doing the Reading Half Marathon in a couple of weeks time, I won't be very fast, but I will get round. Keep up the good work and keep shaking off those pesky gremlins.

  • Wow a half marathon.. that will be such an achievement! Fast dosnt matter..getting it done does.. good luck x

  • Sparky you're Amazing :-) :-) I'm just heading into w2r1 and today, you're my chosen inspiration! Also, isn't the level of positivity on this forum just fabulous?? I've never come across a web forum with NO trolling before and nothing but support. It's a pleasure to be here!

  • Omg Justkeepgoing..you've just made me cry.. I'm so touched to be your inspiration.. I don't deserve it.. ( Ooh wait.. maybe I do) lol. Honestly though. YOU really will get here to I promise.. just keep going. It's the best forum I've ever came accross aswell.. I've got to go now ..heading out to work.. ( better fix the mascarra first) ' thankyou. And by the way.. the weeks fly by and one day soon you will feel this great feeling.. woopee I'm away to bore my workmates with my run talk :) have a great day x

  • I am so delighted for you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I've just done R2 of this week and have been telling myself I can't do run 3 so the fact that you have achieved it is fantastic!!!

    Keep going for it!

  • Thanks happy walker... you can do it.. just be positive. Tell yourself you will do it.. keep your pace slow.. legs burn but then fades and you'll get the strength..keep thinking I'm ok I can keep going.. and you will x good luck.. can't wait to hear when you're there!!! X

  • Sparky I did it and am delighted πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Well done. I graduated in Nov 2014, and I still remember how great W5R3 felt. You are never going to forget that run, and neither should you, it is a real milestone :)

  • Well done sparky66! That is tremendous achievement in 5 weeks.

  • Hey. Well done. I've just finished my 20 mins a few hours ago too. After, I lay on the footpath! The last two minutes were so hard I nearly gave up. Did you find it easy enough?

  • Hiya icanandiwill. No way you done it too:) high five girl. WTG.. NO way did I find it easy.. it was a tough run.. but I was so focused and determined..took on board all the advice of my predisessors here.. slowed my pace when I felt like I could have tried for time.. no way I thought..priority is on finishing.. So glad I did as the last five mins was the test!! But omg we are runners.. great to celebrate this run with you! Congratulations x week 6 here we come :) x

  • Well done you! Air punching , a few whoopees and a jump around is all good!!!

    You head on into Week 6 with confidence you 'proper runner' you!

  • YAY Sparks, you did it! Milestone run under your belt, good on you! :) Keep it up, week 6 is calling you... You'll smash it ;)

  • Well done Sparky that's great and for week 6 more of the same just make sure you pace yourself.

  • Thanks butchdingle and runningscared.. yip wow what a day! :) onwards and upwards.. I'm shattered though tonight.. waiting for the kids to finish their supper then I'm off to bed.. billy Connolly on at nine.. away for a giggle. Night guys .. good luck on your runs tomorrow xxx

  • Fab U Lous! I've just done W6R1, after those 20 minutes on W5R3 it wasn't that hard (and ignore anyone that says differently!!).

    Just realised we're locals..! I'm between Preston and Southport.

  • Oh well done sparky!!!!!! You did it, from here on it is straight forward even if you need to grit your teeth sometimes, it is a clear way forward to graduation - and you know you can do it now. That's what is so great about finishing w5 r3. I think it was the point where I felt I really could manage to run and transform into a runner.

  • Well done, fab stuff. Reports like yours are very inspiring. I'm up tomorrow.😬😬

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