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Where o where has my running mojo gone?

Last seen end of week 8.

So I've not ran for a week. Which is silly really, as I'm at my graduation week. I'm not sure what happened I've just lost it. I think part of the reason is that I need to find a new route, roadside rather than on trail as I usually do. I'm not sure I'm ready for that much exposure!

I'm gonna try and force myself out this afternoon. Any tips? How do you all get yourselves out the door?

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It would be such a shame to give in now. You are so close to graduating! KEEP ON GOING! You'll hate yourself if you stop now!

Perhaps you are a bit under the weather? I know if I am harbouring a cold or something which hasn't come out properly then my mojo is poor.

You haven't lost it. Take stock of the week, perhaps you've had more to get through than usual.

DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. Be kind to yourself. Do yourself a big favour - and get out again as soon as you can! Sometimes it is very hard to get out. Once you do though you will be so glad you did!


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Have to agree with Beek, just keep going..........

I felt pretty similar to you yesterday I needed to finish week 7 but had all sorts or negative stuff going on in my head, wondering why I was even bothering, then I spoke to my son, he runs ultra marathons so knows a thing or two :) he said its pretty normal to get times like that, it can sometimes be because you are run down (literally) not hydrating enough or enough sleep or coming down with a cold etc, also you have to remember that over the last couple of weeks you have been doing continuous runs, which although fantastic they can mentally be quite daunting and so we naturally shy away from scary things out of fear of failure, so eat something really good to energise your system, give yourself a kick up the

rear end and go for it............please feel free to ram my own words down my throat if I start moaning next week


You reminded me of a conversation I had with my son a couple of weeks ago who is 10 and also a runner. I asked him how I could improve my running. He thought about it for a minute, then said, erm well it's easy mum, you've just gotta run faster!

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Thanks guys, you speak wise words. I've got my running gear on now, I'm telling myself just a gentle jog to get me back into it. Stop whining and get out the door, lol.


I did it! 30 minutes. Week 9 run 1 complete.

I'm not gonna lie to you, that was probably my toughest run, yet. My lungs ached, I had a stitch and my phantom ankle pain was back, mentally very challenging. Felt silly for having a week off, it just makes it hurt all the more.

My sinuses are hurting, maybe I am coming down with something. It wasn't even that cold out. I seemed to be barely running most of the way. But I got it out of the way and the next run will be better. Just gotta keep telling myself...


You're a star! You did it! I had a run like that today - exactly like that, but forced myself to do it and now I feel all self righteous! I bet you do too! Perhaps that's all you needed? You'll be back in the swing of it now and desperate to reach that finish line... :-)


Thanks Jen, i did feel pretty good after.


Well done for getting out there. I can only run in the evening during the week and the early morning at the weekend. Now the dark nights are here I too have my route curtailed . Unless I drive somewhere, (not sure where and defeats the object of cheap(!) hobby) I am stuck with a very boring out and back from one village, through the next and to the end of the one after that and back. It's the only route that has lighting and pavement all the way, although I do have to cross the road several times to keep to pavement. As I run by myself those two points are quite important. Sorry, long winded way of getting to say don't worry about other people and what they think while you are out. They probably envy you, that's even if they really notice you! And if you are red and puffing only you know if you have just started, or are finishing a punishing run.

That graduation bage will soon be yours :-)


I know what you mean, it's so hard to get the balance right between a safe route and an enjoyable route. I have quite a lot of routes to choose from, but they are mostly very high traffic roads, which for me, takes a lot of the enjoyment I get from running which at the moment is on river and farm trails. I'm sure it won't be as bad when I do finally run on the paths and I'm sure you're right that no one will really notice me. The issue is more me running the route in my head and deciding I won't enjoy it. As with everything I just need to give it a go and stop thinking about it ;)


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