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Week 6 Run 1

A small fanfare, please! This morning, with a gap of only 2 days since my last run (as opposed to 16 days and 14 days for the previous two!) I tackled run 1 of week 6. I've done this before and I remember thinking that going back to intervals after running for a solid 20 minutes at the end of week 5 seemed like it should be much easier but in fact it wasn't. And this morning I think I sussed out why it isn't easier. Firstly I think that stopping and starting is harder anyway as you can't establish your rhythm so well. Or, rather, you get into your rhythm and then it's time to stop again. But also, you only get 3 minutes of recovery walking after both the 5 minute run and the 8 minute run. Back in week 1 we were getting much longer to walk than we were running, then we gradually got to the point where we were running for longer than we were walking. But a 3 minute recovery walk after an 8 minute run is very short compared with where we started and then there's another 5 minute run to do. And that's a) getting us fitter and b) showing how much fitter we are than when we started this.

It's getting colder and bleaker and altogether less inviting out there as the year gets older. I really need to get back into the habit of running. Fingers crossed that I don't keep getting the sort of horrible colds that forced me to leave such long gaps between the runs in week 5. I'd really like to get back to where I was the first time I graduated!!

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Well done you. Are you doing run 2 today or tomorrow? Good luck with your progress


I did week 6 run 1 yesterday and I'm glad to hear it isn't just me that struggled! I hadn't done my plan in three weeks after that 20 minutes in week 5..naughty me! I was kicking myself thinking I'd lost my fitness!


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