Smug as a bug in a rug :-)

I ran my first Park Run today and finished last but one of 152 runners in 40.3 minutes but am I dismayed ? Not a bit! When all the fit young runners disappeared over the horizon in front of me I briefly considered throwing my toys out of the pram and retiring, but encouraged by my noble son I plodded on. I am only on Week 6 so walked quite a bit but still finished on a score of 52% for my age (67) and gender (F) so realise tonight what people tell you all the time is true. It's about your personal challenge, and nothing to do with the crowd around you. Roll on next week. I'm going to crack 40 minutes!

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  • I think that is awesome! I am just on week two, so you are an inspiration. I'm sure no-one can run slower than me, so I am with you - you finished, and that's more than most people can do! Way to go!!

  • Fantastic, what an amazing achievement and good luck for next week

  • I admire you, I haven't had the guts to do that. I would need someone to hold my hand. Well dine and enjoy your personal time challenge, but don't think about it too much. It seems to happen anyway I have found so just enjoy the moment. Well done x

  • Yay!! Well done :) it's so good that you didn't get put off by the others - I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book!

  • I take my hat off to you.........Well Done!!

  • Way to go!!! I love this post, it is what it's all about. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the programme. Enjoy your running.

  • Amazing, this is a great post, really inspiring. You're right, it doesn't matter about time at all and you should be incredibly proud. with that attitude you can achieve anything, well done :)

  • Thank you so much everyone! I wish I'd had you there as cheerleaders yesterday. The park was full of proper athletes training and at times I felt a bit of a laughing stock, but I just put my head down and got on with it. I don't think my son (43) has ever run as slowly in his life, so I guess it was much more embarrassing for him! My hips are quite achey today so I plan to do some swimming this week and give my poor old joints a rest. AS long as I'm feeling good in two weeks I will give our local Park Run a go and try for that 40 min mark. Watch this space :-)

  • Yours parkrun is quite a fast one then - I've been tailrunner at ours three times now and the finishing times have ranged from about 45 mins to 51 mins. You should be really proud, well done. I bet your son is proud too.

  • It was my son's local parkrun in North London where everyone seems to be slim and fit. I'm from Oop North where our shapes and fitness are more varied so I'm hoping to do a bit better than 'last but one' next time!

  • I'm sure you have a string of PBs ahead of you. Enjoy :-)

  • Oh well done. That made me smile. Good luck with the rest of the programme, you will definitely. get there. linda

  • Awesome - keep it up! I love your attitude and commitment - you are an inspiration!

  • Excellent achievement and exactly the right attitude. Best of luck with cracking the 40mins next week and all the very best with the rest of the programme.

  • Well done! I took my son along to the first one I did; I had to send him off to run his own race after the couple of minutes when he was walking backwards chuckling at me! He finished then picked a spot to wait for me and ran the last 1.5km with me! I finished that in over 46 minutes, but now have a pb of 33.27, way to go still to get that 30 minutes but will keep pushing!

    I Parkran with my younger daughter yesterday, and encouraged her along to a new pb of 47.59; she came in 5th from last, so yours is a quick one! Hope your swim helps your joints, and good luck for your next pb! :-)

  • Thanks Poppy. What kept me going (as well as my son) was a young boy of about seven who was running ahead of me with his mother. I kept overtaking h

    im going downhill then he passed me again as I puffed uphill. Hilarious!

  • Hills!!!!!!! That's an amazing time Our park run is completely flat so good one to do if you want PB so your time would prob been under 40 mins . But well done you for doing parkrun. I am on week 7 and planned to do one before Christmas but you have really inspired me so tempted to just go for it ( and I am really slow)

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