What a difference 5mm makes. Who'd have thought it eh?

This morning was my first proper run in a few weeks and the first since my podiatrist visit at the weekend. Putting on my running shoes with the newly fitted orthotics installed, I felt upright, level and secure and ready to hit the streets. My left leg raised by the 5mm necessary to make me even!

Once the kittens were fed I made myself a juice of apples, carrots, kale, lemon and ginger and sipped that slowly, contemplating the run ahead of me. I wasn't going to run my usual 5K - I was gonna go 3K instead. Since I definitely felt more sluggish since I stopped running I didn't want to go too made and then get injured again so once the juice had made it's way through my innards I was ready to go.

Said goodbye to the kittens who were playing "Let's run at full speed attacking each other round the dining room" game and took my first steps outside. It was pretty cold and I was wondering whether I should have put on my long track suit bottoms - but that would mean going back inside and rummaging around my drawers (ooh er?!) to find them. I decided to go for it as I was.

Clad in lycra boxers, lycra compression shorts and shorts shorts, I did my 5 minute warm up walk and felt pleased to be gulping in the fresh air whilst walking in my newly fitted running shoes. I'd set off Endomondo in my pocket to record my time and speed etc and off I went. All felt fine with my legs and feet and the only thing to worry about were the giant puddles by the side of the road that drivers seemed intent on soaking me with!

I must have run about 2K when I had to take a walk break. My fitness levels have definitely dropped off and I was suffering a bit - not my legs, more my upper body really. I was breathing clearly but I just felt tired. Set off again on my big loop home and it wasn't long before I had to stop again and walk the rest of the way home.

I didn't feel bad about this. I'd decided to accept whatever occurred and to be satisfied that I was exercising, even if it was just a light sort of run.

Got home and checked my phone app for distance - 3.8K in the end in 27'53 and that included the warm up and down walks as well as my "walk break". The main thing was I didn't feel any niggles so I stretched, had a shower and informed the kittens of my amazing adventure. They were too busy to listen but said that as soon as they'd caught the ping pong ball that was hiding behind the sideboard, they'd definitely be ready to lend me an ear. Yeah right....

Next run wednesday. I hope my fitness levels return soon so I can really get stuck in once again!

Cheers everyone..



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20 Replies

  • Sounds like a great run for your first one back In the saddle. Well done for not trying to push your self too hard. You will be pounding those streets in your old form soon.

  • Thank you. I will hope things fall into place soon.

  • Well done for plodding on when it wasn't easy, I've had more come backs than Lazarus this year and it does knock you back for a few weeks and is horrible for morale but it will come back. You'll ping back - maybe not quite as fast as the kitties though!

  • You are so kind thank you! Really appreciate your post.

  • Message via kittenmail, they said it was purrrrrfect ;)

  • Message received and understood! Thanks oldgirl.

  • Well done Dan! You'll hopefully find that once you've got a couple of 'recovery' runs under the lycra, the fitness levels will return.

    p.s. Loving the 'Lemon ginger exercising behind' - that conjures up few random images...!

  • Yes, my behind is often talked about owing to its peach like shape! HAHAHAHA!!

  • A great post, really entertaining and nice to know that I'm not the only one who talks to my cats! They're about as interested as your kittens though :)

    Well done for getting out there and listening to your body - I'm sure that your fitness levels will soon be back up to where they were in no time. Happy running!

  • Thank you ILR. Just gotta keep chipping away . And you and I should be proud to speak fluent CAT!

  • Well done Dan!

  • Watch out Aftabs, I'm planning a 5K to match your times!! Or within 20 minutes anyway......! Hahaha

  • Good man; pleased to see you back in action.

  • Thanks Oldned.

  • 3 lots of undergarments??? Good to see you are still looking after Mr groin... And well done! You got out there, ran and mentally accepted where you are... Well done DTG... :)

  • My groin is in amazing shape! Long live Lycra compression shorts!!

  • He may be testing out possible solutions for you... ;-)

  • Great to hear you're out and about again, Dan. Takes a bit of time to get back up to speed after a lay-off, or so I find - but you'll soon be smashing the 5ks again.

  • Good to hear you are back running Dan - good time too - must be the bionic shoes.

  • Nah RNW, nothing to do with shoes, its the 'Go fast Lycra' works every time and Dan wear 2-3 pairs, says it all ;)

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