First post C25K run

I went for my first run after finishing C25K today. I wasn't expecting much, I haven't been for a run for about *cough* 2 weeks *cough* for reasons. It went better than I was expecting! I felt like I was running faster, and I definitely managed to go further this time than last time, so I'm super heartened by that! Hopefully this week will be less busy (at this point it's looking remarkably unbusy) so I can keep on going! I also came up with the genius plan to take my phone out of my pocket for a couple of minutes either side of the half way point (where I turn around and start heading back towards home) and I think that helped the GPS function on RunKeeper to accurately track my run. It said that I did 4.7km (which included my 5 minute warm up/warm down walk) in about 40 minutes. Super stoked about that!

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  • Well done! Sometimes a little break can mean you come back stronger.

  • Thanks! I'm tempted to go for another lighter jog tomorrow just to see how I go. It depends on what the weather is doing though ;)

  • Magic

  • Thanks!

  • Nice one! Where's your badge?

  • Thanks! Not sure where my badge is, I requested it last week but it hasn't magically appeared yet.

  • Oh, I just went to see if I could find my post and it's not there! I guess I must have forgotten to hit post!

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