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Completed the first run!


I'm definitely the couch potato type, and after going for a 10 minute jog/walk yesterday, I found this app. I've completed the first run tonight and plan to do the second on Friday. I have had mild asthma in the past and noticed that tonight once I finished I was wheezing a bit, but still felt great for completing the run! I've noticed that when I run, I have to be careful that I don't take too large a stride. I find that my legs can feel "tight" almost if I take too small a step. Any advice? Thanks :)

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People have different running styles - some have long legs, some have short. some are big, some are not big - some run with a very slow cadence while others seem to have a "natural" high cadence. So it is difficult to offer advice to an individual. One piece of advice that I believe for all runners is this - play a "mind game" . Pretend that you have just broken out of Stalag 2 prisoner of war camp :) You have to get away as quickly as you can - but also as quietly as you can. So - run away in the manner that suits you individually QUIETLY!!!! No stomping of the feet as you run - no slapping!! Train yourself to run silently - you don't want those guard dogs to hear you running. The ability to run silently is a common feature of all "good" runners and comes from good running form. :)

Really good advice. Thanks!


Just run.. follow the programme, take it slow and steady, and run as lightly as you can :) Run the way that feels right for you!


Well done tnicholas27 for starting! I have asthma too and always use my ventolin inhaler before I start running and carry it with me when I run. I have found that my breathing is getting better as I run more.

I'm hoping my breathing gets better, it's especially difficult at the moment as it's often -1C when I'm running 😫 I'm not using my inhaler at the moment though, but it's good to know I have it there should I need it.

alviGraduate in reply to tnicholas27

I was using my inhaler loads at the beginning, but hardly at all now. Sometimes it’s the cold that sets off the wheezing more than being out of breath, but even still it’s less than it was. I find now that my inhaler is more psychological just to know it’s there. That was something I never expected but am highly delighted!

I was wheezy when I first started but found if I have a good drink of water or squash before I run it stopped. Also try sucking a mint. Helped me now I just make sure I'm hydrated. Enjoy your running 👍

Firstly well done! Make sure you are doing some stretches and warming up before a run and stretching a cooling down afterwards.


Well done for starting! I’m sure you’ll find your own, comfortable, running style soon. (I’m on week 5 and loving it.) In one of the podcasts you’ll come to shortly, you’re advised not to bounce too much, so if someone saw your head moving behind a wall or hedge they wouldn’t be able to tell whether you were running or walking. So I guess we need to run slowly, run quietly, and don’t bounce.


I have asthma so I can assure you this program is doable for asthmatics, but saying that, take it easy, listen to your body and your breathing.

Slow down if you are getting too wheezy!! I just finished week 8 this morning and now I can run 28 minutes without getting too much out of breathe (could have a conversation, even though it would be very annoying to do so), but when I started, in the first few weeks, I was panting through the runs.

It gets better (or it should). But some asthma gets worse with exercise and you may need an inhaler which will fix you up no problem. Just keep an eye on it, and don't be afraid to go to your GP. They will be more than happy to help facilitate a way for you to exercise.

Also, good luck! And use this forum. It's so helpful and supportive. I couldn't have gotten to week 9 without it.

I have quite severe asthma. Make sure you have your inhaler with you especially when it's so cold. On the plus side I'm now on week 9 and have found my asthma is much better. Have cut the inhalers down a bit and my lung capacity has improved. So please keep going it really is worth it.


Another tip for asthmatics in the really cold weather is to wear a buff round your neck and put it up over your mouth to warm the air that you breathe. It can help.

Thanks I'll give it a go, going out for W1R2 in about twenty minutes actually!

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