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The sun was so bright in the sky, the sky was as blue as my eyes and the call from the outside was too tempting to resist. I decided to try a gentle short run and see if Larry Leg and Betty Back could stand it. Did my pre run exercises extremely gingerly and made sure I didn't do anything to heroic. Once completed, I donned the lycra and went downstairs.

Mrs Dan ; "Ooooh! Are you gonna go for it then?"

ME ; "Yes I damned well am!"

Mrs Dan ; "How far you gonna go?"

ME ; "Just to Twickenham Bridge and back. About 2K."

Mrs Dan ; "If you get ANY twinges, turn round and WALK HOME yer great stupid lummox. OK?"


Once I'd saluted and snapped my heels together, I was off out the front door. Shades on, acics feeling comfy I started my warm up walk. I was praying there'd be no "incidents" and my brain was alert to any weird twinges down in my lower back. All was well with the warm up walk. The sun was gorgeous and I crossed the road to get ready to run.

Off I went, slowly and gently. There were no issues on the first 100 metres which made me calm down a bit. It's amazing how my confidence has taken a thwacking, even though I've not been away THAT long from running, but I was aware that in my head I wasn't as "punchy" and "assured" as I normally am. Before too long I'd reached Twickers Bridge - exactly a kilometre from Dan Towers. Time to turn back...

Felt fine on the way back too. Didn't measure my speed or anything this time as I just wanted to get out and back in one piece. Reached my lamp post "finishing" line and slowed down to walk home. At a building site nearby, the demolition workers had all but totalled a gigantic old nunnery which had been there for well over a 100 years. I felt sad watching the giant metal arm thing bring down tons of Victorian laid bricks. Some geezer had laid those bricks back in the day and now they were being loaded into the back of a lorry, soon to be replaced by snazzy new homes which will sell for stupid amounts of money no doubt.

I digress. Soz...

Back home and had a hot and bubbly jacuzzi. Lovely. I felt glad to have nipped out and had a run, as a feeling of well being came over me, like the sun from behind a cloud, drenching me in it's endorphin quality light!

Podiatrist tomorrow afternoon to check my bio mechanics. Costly, but worth it to keep everything in check I suppose.

Happy running guys




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28 Replies

  • Good stuff Dan the man.

  • Thanks Dunder.

  • Really really pleased for you Dan. Hope you'll soon be back up to your normal speeds and distances. The world shouldn't be denied your Lycra clad bod for any longer than absolutely necessary :)

  • Ha ha , that's funny EM , and not forgetting his pert little buttocks ha ha :-) xxx

  • How could we forget! x ;-)

  • I completely agree!!

  • Hey hey Dan the Man ! I am so so pleased for you xxx

    Your first post injury run and you came through it like a good un , what a star !

    I love your posts , they are a highlight of my day , Absolutely Dan- tastic ! :-)

    All the very best of luck for tomorrow

    Shine on you crazy Diamond xxx

  • Cheers PP. I'm not averse to a bit of Pink Floyd either!

  • Larry and Betty? Glad they stood the stress test and glad you stuck to 2k. Hip hip hooray, Dan is on his way...back to form :)

  • Slowly but surely lizziebeth.

  • Reminds me of that film "I'll be back".

    You are the Daninator and you are back. That's fantastic.

  • THE DANINATOR?! I love this!

  • Oooh Ahh just a little bit... glad it went well and you didn't overdo it! x :-)

  • Oooh Ahh, a little bit more :-) xxx

  • You have to see Gina G here:

    The muscles in her thighs!!!

  • Blimey ! Theres a coupla of walnut crackers if ever there were ! :-D

    I honestly thought that song would do so much better, it seemed perfect for Eurovision, but sadly , it wasn't to be .... :-) xxx

  • thanks sugar lips. I was careful. Might go mad in a couple of days and double the distance.....

  • I think they call it "progress" (re nunnery demolition). But thanks for your kind words kitty.

  • Hooray! Sounds promising.

  • yeeeahhhh baby!

  • Well done Dan. Take care and you'll soon be back. Hasta la vista baby!

  • Passa da Bisto , Gravy :-D xxx

  • Fanks babycakes.

  • So glad to hear this! Hope you enjoy more painless and injury free running asapp! :)

  • Most kind. Thank you.

  • Yeah glad all was good with your first run back, Larry and Betty obviously waltzed gracefully along the riverside. Get the biomechanics sorted and you will be right back on the towpath.

  • Excellent!! All sounds marvellous! Very sensible little run!!! Hope this is you off the IC!!

  • That's great news Dan :D

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