Well hello WEEK 7 once again!

Thanks to brilliant advice from my main man Mr Ianoddatruffe, I successfully completed a 25 minute run. After continued setbacks recently I'd been struggling to run any decent distance and posted on here of my frustration at this. I got the advice my My Main Dude to repeat some of the C25K weeks, using Laura to give me some organised planned running - AND IT'S WORKED!

I decided to go back to Week 7 and work my through to Week 9 once again, in the hope that the structure of the plan will get me back to where I once belonged! So apart form having to put up with the atrocious music on the podcasts, it's the way forward for me.

The other thing pushing me on (apart from all you lovely people) is my rapidly expanding waistline! Since my morning routine of running has been so buggered up lately, my weight is increasing and this is incredibly frustrating! I blame the vats of wine I consume, along with sitting all day at a computer. It aint conducive to being slim I can tell you. So......I am hoping once I'm back in my 5K groove once again, the scales will start to make for better reading. I'm 13.5 stone at the moment which is at least 10lbs too much for me. Probably more actually....

So to all those struggling to keep running, and I've been one of those, just keep at it - for your bodies sake!

Ta ra.



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12 Replies

  • I think we all need a bit of structure Mr Dan, whatever stage we're at. Don't dwell on the weight thing (especially with Xmas fast approaching!). As long as you're aware of it you'll manage it. Just give yourself a bit of time to get back in the saddle and you'll be on course for ditching a few pounds as your runs get longer again. Good luck.

  • Thanks JennyJenJen!

  • Welcome back to the dark side.......:)

  • I know it's frustrating I have had to slow down a bit due to iron issues but I must admit the fear of expanding waistline and goodies over Xmas looming has forced me out. I am glad your finding it's working for you now that you've been righted so to speak.

  • You found what works for you and you stuck with it again - everything else will fall back into place again, including the weight, but like Jenwrenarm said, don't dwell about that at this time of year. Well done :D

  • Glad to have you back. Good luck and enjoy.

  • Thank you!

  • Good advice from Mr Truffe, take it easy & don't fret about weight as others say - you are out there and active and that's the main thing.

  • I don't really expect anyone to listen to me.........

    I hope it works out for you, Dan.

  • But you are the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom. I think you should change your HU name to "TheOracle"!

    Seriously though, thanks!

  • All the best with it, Dan - I'm back on the programme AGAIN, trying to make it to 25 whole minutes of actual running instead of a guilty sort of shuffle occasionally while I try and catch my breath or rest my aching legs. So good on you - keep going, and hopefully the awful music will drive you back into the discipline (oo-er :O ) and you'll be back on track in no time!

  • As we say up here in Sheffield "If tha's dun it befoore, tha can doo it agin". Hope that helps ;)

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