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Managed another run this morning in my "Orthotic'ed Bionic Running Shoes" and all without any leg trouble thank goodness.

I must say I'm agog at how my va va voom has massively reduced - in terms of fitness I mean. I went out with the thought "I'll do a full 5K this morning and get one in the bag"..........No such luck! By about 1.5K I was thinking "Ohhhh maaaaaan! I am sooooo tired!". Felt heavy and mentally draggy, so decided to adjust my route to make it a 3.5K loop. The other day I stopped for a walk break - but not this morning, so perhaps my fitness has got better by 0.000001% WHICH IS BETTER THAN NOWT!

By the time I got to the finishing line and all the press bulbs went off, fans started singing my name and beautiful creatures fainted at my greatness........sorry.....hang on. Did I just write that out loud? Damn it. What I meant to say was...

When I reached the little bridge that goes over the river Crane and dodged a massive dog tu** I stopped running and went into my warm down walk. I was bloomin' cream crackered at this stage and I was wondering when I'd feel like running the full 5K monty once again?

I am so in awe of others on here that run waaaaay beyond the 5K goal and can never see myself managing beyond that distance. Not that I crave to you understand, but I'd love to get fitter and be able to not be so heavy legged.....NOW!!! "

"Be patient Dan" I told myself.

Anyway, got home sweating like a farm animal and red faced. Decided to leave the kittens alone this morning and not bore them with my exploits - for today is NEUTER day for them. Oscar is losing his generously sized kitty globes and Tallulah is waving goodbye to ever being a mummy cat. I'll see them later and see if they're interested in hearing about my run.

I can hear them now -

Oscar "Er, Dad. I left this house a kitten and came back a eunuch! P**s off!

Tallulah "Don't even LOOK at me you swine!"

I'm sure they'll get over it.......


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Love your bonkers posts! Poor kittens - but it is all for their own good you understand, hope they do!

I have still to achieve full 5k status without walks. Done 6.5k but very slow and more as interval running. Finding it hard to get moved on at the mo! Keep on making us smile with your lovely blogs!


Thank you Beek! The true fact is, that running continuously for 5000 metres is an enormous feat of great magnitude and sometimes I forget that. I wish you the very best cracking the elusive 5K. I know you'll do it. Buy a juicer and drink vegetable juice! That's what I'm doing and am hoping for some amazing runs (not to the loo type ones though..........)


Too much veg juice and you will have no problem with the 'runs' ;)


LOL! I read somewhere that making green smoothies (spinach, avocado etc) helped with the running performance. Made one but it was vile! I like vegetables so will experiment with other foodstuff!


Oh dear poor babies....thats so mean...I have never forgiven myself for what we did to Nibbles ( our male bunny...he looked lost and broken... they took everything off him...) will get to amazing lengths...its a question of getting out there regularly and just pushing yourself a little bit each time...and the beautiful creatures will definately be feinting I'm sure......give yourself a big pat on the back for perserverance...well done DTG.....


OMG?!!! We had a goat called Nibbles when I was a boy! How incredible?

Thanks Juju for your encouragement. It means a lot. You are right if course.....just gotta take it bit by bit.

Kitties were last seen chasing each other at high speed - so all is well!


DZ - Keep on with the running, know it will all come back as you really want to do it.

Am most surprised that O & T have not started helping your writing yet - Paws is very keen to assist with my posts, currently sat next to me in front of computer and constantly being told not to walk over the keyboard - how does he always find keys that I did not know exist


When my cat Mac was a kitten he'd walk across my laptop and always manage to re-size the screen, it'd take me ages to figure out how to put it right.


An old cat of ours did the very same thing BettyJane and I was at a loss how to fix it. I managed to post to a forum using another computer, asking what to do and within seconds a reply came back from some bloke who lived in a shed in Tennessee, telling how to fix it. He said "Don't let that kitty on yer layup taahp ever agiiiin!!"


Thanks c4ts, for the encouragement. Regarding the kitties, the only time I can ever touch the blighters is when they're asleep! At all other times they charge around the house playing!!


Dan, It's been over a month now since my return to running, and although I've been doing 5K three times a week for the last 3 weeks it seems to be so much more of an effort than it used to, and I've still not got under the magic 30 mins - whereas back in June I managed it in 27:27. Getting back to 10K seems a distant dream.

Stick at it, you'll get there. Maybe setting out a little slower may help.

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Agree with BettyJane, it really does knock the edge off - post injury I've gained 3 minutes to my 5k time and that's at all out pace. I can get sub 30 at parkrun but not on my solo runs, and 10k is a distant dream for me too. The main thing is getting out there and sticking at it, walking breaks if needed, taking the pace down if necessary. Your body will be adjusting to the orthotics too - so take it easy on yourself - you will get there.


Thank you, I needed to hear that! Patience is an art form it seems and I'm crap at it!


Tell me more about these shoes!!!! I have runners knee and think I need some :D


Well done Dan your fitness will return just be patient and take it steady, I know I'm becoming an expert at the 'return to running programs' not sure which is worse, leg injury or lung issues, but I will return (again) some day.


Patience Dan, patience. You've been out of it (so to speak) for quite a while so it'll take a while to get back. Just keep at it, and don't underestimate the impact of the time-of-year. Many of us are struggling to do as much as we did in the summer.


You'll get there!! As an orthotic wearer (I also have metal bolts in my feet cause I'm trying to be Robocop) when I first started wearing them they did tire my feet and legs so I'm sure that isn't helping. Good luck!


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