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Is it normal to be so bloomin' emotional?

Just finished Week 6 last night, and I found myself having a little cry as I did my stretches - not sure whether out of pride, relief, or just as a release.

Has this happened to anyone else after a long run? Or, indeed, any run?


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Hi, I felt kind of elated when I finished mine so a different type of emotion but I would think that perhaps like me you had some doubts about whether you make it to the end. An emotional release is no bad thing, shows how much it means to you to achieve the run. Good luck with week 7.


I sobbed my heart out with a massive smile on my face after wk5 run3. It took me four weeks to do it and it meant so much. I am at the stage now where I feel elated after every run. During the program though every week I completed a run it was very emotional as I felt so proud of myself for getting through it. Happy running.


I remember feeling elated and I most definitely has a tear in my eyes when I completed week 9.

Let's face it we have come a long way and achieved a lot.

Well done you :-D


I cried all the way through the program! I think it was just the surprise I was actually doing it!


So good to see this post!! Just completed week 6 run 2 and the last 2 runs I've been very emotional. One minute feeling like I can't do it, the next desperately wanting to do it .. Each time I've burst into tears as I've walked in my front door.


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