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Completed today - Thank you!

This morning I completed C25k and I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to all of the posters on this forum. I might not have posted, but I have been reading and your posts have really helped me get to the end of the program. Especially helpful were the comments about how I would be ready for a 20 min run by the end of week 5, I'm not sure I'd have had the self belief to do it if I hadn't had your stories to keep me going.

I've really enjoyed the program and fully intend to continue to run now I've graduated. Does anyone have any tips or is it just a case of just keep geting out the door?

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Congratulations! Graduation is a great achievement - you should be really proud of yourself. I graduated about a month ago and have found that keeping some structure and goals important to keep me motivated, so I would suggest you set yourself some new target to aim for and work towards that, e.g. improving speed, distance, time, running in new locations, etc. There are plenty of podcasts and programs available. The couch to 5k + podcasts offer something different, so they may be worth a try. I have also started the bridge to 10K program because I like having that schedule, which helps to get me out the door when I am more reluctant, but I have also been trying to change the runs up a bit and add some variety into my runs to keep things fresh and most importantly fun. Well done again and best of luck for your continued running.

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That's a lovely post and well done you for getting to the end of the programme. A big achievement so many congratulations on that :)

I also graduated about a month ago and took two weeks to just consolidate my ability to run for 30 minutes. The next goal was to actually get to 5 k which I did on my last but one run. I am now working on bringing down my 5k from 36.5 minutes to 35... then I want to up my time to 40 minutes. I like having little goals because it helps keep me motivated and I like that sense of achievement when I reach my goal.

I've not tried any of the other podcasts but i fancy trying the zombie one... just not got around to downloading it!

Happy running!

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Well done, Missanticrowd! I hope you are really enjoying the feelings!

I found it harder to get myself out after graduation and fully endorse the previous bloggers - you will need some structure and a target to aim for. I felt a bit lost, What do I do now? when I graduated! Since then I have kept going out either for another week 9 run or Stamina, which I like. My route is a tad shy of 6km and my current aim is to do it in one hour (75 minutes at moment!) Still - at least I go out there!


Many congratulations upon graduating - make sure you apply for your badge asap! :D

So, once your celebrations have died down a bit, back out there again? ... Good for you! Both bits of advice above are great! I completed back in March and have stuck with it - had a lovely run very early this morning and saw the debris from yesterday's storm - this morning the sun came up :)

Fresh new targets that you set yourself are a great idea, achieving more minutes, more kms, new routes etc, trying new music, different running gear for different weathers etc etc all great little incentives to keep you going. Perhaps you'll find (like so many of us) that just being out running is such a lovely time all to yourself that you don't need much more of an incentive? I love the 'me thinking' times, the 'my music' times, the 'me-and-challenging-nature' times. You can now look forward to 'running through leaves/puddles/snow/rainstorm/fog times' embrace them all, you'll have a ball.

Lots of luck with phase two of C25K.... continuing for ever! ;) Cheers, Linda


Many congratulations on your graduation, job well done.

What next? For me I just went out there and worked my way up to 5K distance which I was about .5K short of in the 30 minutes. It didn't take long but it got me used to the longer runs.

Everyone is different I would say for now if you don't need structure to keep you motivated then just enjoy being out there and relax and enjoy your running. :)


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