A long long road but finally graduated!!

So it's taken me much much much much MUCH longer than 9 weeks to get here but here I am, graduation day!!

I lost my mojo for a bit after over doing it on my rest days (dancing, swimming, 30 day shred etc) but this morning I skipped week 8 completely. I put on week 7 but ran through the cool down walk and ran for 30 mins straight!!!

I covered 3.4km in that time so need to speed up a bit and am more motivated now that I have registered fory first 5k event in March!

Now.....how do I get my badge??

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  • Wow, brilliant news! Happy graduation day to us!! Dont worry about pace, you can work on that over time. Good luck with the 5k and keep us all up to date :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation - a great achievement :) Nextjenn is right, pace will come later as will your 5k. Happy running to you!

  • Well done - onwards and upwards!!

  • You're not running in those shoes, are you???? ;-) Well done on graduating. It's a great feeling. Here's to continued enjoyment and achievement.

  • well done

  • Thanks all!!! Can't wait to get my badge!!I emailed them yyesterday so hopefully won't take too long :-)

  • Yay!!!! It's here!!!!

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