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How many of you have done (or are doing) C25k for the second time and what got you out there again?

I completed it earlier this year but always knew I was going to struggle with motivation to continue as, while I absolutely loved that I ran, I could never find a way of enjoying the actual runs.

However even since I stopped, there has been a nagging thought that one day I'd start again. I don't think I'm close yet but MotherGoose's blog inspired me to ask.

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I started last year and fell in love with running. Managed to complete week 6 and got into week 7. However a combination of a failed run which knocked my confidence, a weekend away and the onset of wibter, rain and dark nights all served to put me right off and I never got my mojo back.

After much procrastination, I eventually began it again this year, unintentionally in the same week too.

I felt enough was enough. I've been suffering a pretty bad bout of depression this year and something had to change. So I began again for the mental benefits!

To say it has helped is a massive understatement. It has given me the ability to focus and plan on the program, it has really helped with my general energy levels and given me a lot more confidence and self esteem.

Not to mention the physical benefits too such as increasing fitness, stamina and lung capacity. Not so much weight loss yet but I am toning up and that will come later no doubt.

I'm due to do week 9 run 2 tonight. I'm so close to completion.

I've tackled rain cold dark and different routes this time round. I think it's a little easier on me this time as I know what to expect.

I'm determined to carry on through the winter after graduation.

I want,..... no, I NEED to be a runner! So thank you nhs choices. I couldn't hace got this far without you. :)


I'm re-doing the programme after graduating last year. I did it last year mainly to do Race4Life. My friend who did it with me stopped after the 5k run and as the winter nights drew in, my husband was not happy about me going out alone at night. So, sadly I lapsed.

I have re-stared again, because I actually do love running. I love the feeling of my lungs about to explode (although thankfully- not).

The thrill of it afterwards is amazing :)

I am doing it with a couple of friends this time (complete newbies - so I went with them from week 1), but one friend has already dropped out.

Sometimes, I think I 'can't be bothered' to go out for a run. But I am always glad when I do - I feel amazing afterwards.

I am hoping to get up to 10K for next summer, so I can do a charity run.

If you are not enjoying your runs, maybe you could try to change your music - or listen to a 'talking book'....or completely change your route....?


I've done C25K twice first time I started it in August 2010 and completed it 11 weeks later. I was happily running 5K twice a week and a longer run or some intervals the 3rd run. I then had to stop due to Sciatica which crippled me for 6 weeks and took me another 6 weeks to be able to even walk briskly let alone run!

I started the programme all over again, working my way through weeks 1 - 3 only doing 1 or 2 of the 3 runs as I felt I was able to move on. I was onto week 7 when I came across this wonderful site, oh how I wished I had found it sooner. I now had found like minded people doing what I was trying to do. I also found I was not alone in being an older runner, there were quite a few even in those days on here.

What made me do the programme for the second time? My faith in it, my love for running and my determination to get even fitter than I was before. I've been running for over 3 years, I love it, I love this site and I congratulate NHS for producing such a brilliant way to get people active, giving so many of us the chance to prove we really can better out health and life style by taking up running. Good luck I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do. :)


Thanks for the replies folks, the trouble is, you all enjoy running already whilst I need to find a way or I can't see me starting again, as much as I might feel I want to.


I started again last week (W2R3 for me tomorrow). I'd been running 2-3 times per week for the previous month, having previously not run for 8 weeks, but didn't feel I was getting anywhere. I thought I might feel a bit deflated starting at the beginning again but it's been just the opposite. Because week 1 was "only 60 seconds" runs I decided to run fast (-er!) and it was exhilarating. :-/ Okay, so my first few runs were downhill but it was so much fun and gave me the mental boost I needed to push on through the harder bits. The after-run buzz was amazing. :-D Second time around you don't have that mental block that most of us experienced as newbies - the one where we can't possibly do this - because you know you can.

Try doing something different. Run fast, if you were a tortoise like me. Run downhill, just for the thrill. Run somewhere you've never run before. Treat yourself to some new kit so you'll want to run just to wear it. ;-) I hope you find your mojo again soon Fingalo. It's out there somewhere. :-)


Thanks Legion. Perversely, I suspect it's starting from scratch that appeals, it obviously being the challenge I enjoyed as opposed to anything else. I'm a good few months without a run to my name now but I can feel my mojo lingering in the background. Soon.


Well hello again! Completely agree about loving the fact I run but I've always found it hard to believe that anyone thinks "this is great" while they are running - am sure it is more how you feel afterwards, but that may just be me. The thing is while you are following the programme you have an aim and after that it can be hard. I was initially kept going by getting a place on the Olympic Anniversary run but have been a bit pathetic ever since and have only ever reached 10k once. To keep going I think you have to keep setting new targets and actively sign up for things really (- must do that!). A few weeks ago instead of music I listened to a podcast of a radio programme I enjoy and found that distracted me enough to get past what is now the awful first 15 mins and I felt I was making better use of my time - also gave a bit of a fright to someone I ran past when I burst out laughing at something that had been said. Must have looked a right nutter short of breath, bright red face and apparently laughing at nothing!! Go on Fingalo give it another go.

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Hi Fingalo - Fancy meeting you here!

I graduated just before you I think but then had several weeks out last winter due to flu etc, then several months out due to house move, new area, summer, general loss of mojo etc. I started running again about 4 or 5 weeks ago -almost exactly a year after starting the first time. I started on week 5 and did really well until weeks 8 and 9, which I found difficult to complete. Now I'm trying to get out there 2 or 3 times a week with my own music and hopefully get back to 5k eventually (I so want to *run* parkrun instead of scanning barcodes, which I've been doing to stay "involved"). While I'm running new, much hillier routes, what hasn't changed is that I don't necessarily enjoy the running - it's the feeling of achievement that keeps me going.

I think I've discovered that I'm a person who responds to challenges, even if I set them myself, provided I've got them written down somewhere. For example, I managed the 5x50 challenge earlier in the year (just about when you disappeared a lot of us did that). I've also been doing the "sober October" - well, not quite 100% on that one but less wine than usual. Maybe a system of challenges and targets would work for you - you could start C25K again but keep going after week 9 with 5k time targets or a 10K /HM program as many here and in the Facebook group have done (come and see us in FB by the way - some old faces are there as well as new folks from here).

I was wondering what had happened to you - hope you manage to find the missing mojo and look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Hi fingalo, nice to see you back here, i remember enjoying your previous blogs when you were doing the programme. Sorry I don't have too much help to offer, but just wanted to welcome you back. perhaps coming on here regularly will inspire you to carry on running.


Thanks for the encouragement guys.

I think the mistake I made was in not listening to myself. I knew I didn't enjoy the runs and even found them boring, I also realised I needed a new challenge to keep me motivated. However because I didn't listen to myself I saw the challenge as being distance so was looking to a 10k, by the time I copped on that I was doing the worst thing possible by running for even longer, it was too late to switch to sticking with 5k and making improving my time the challenge as I'd completely lost my enthusiasm.

If I do start again, it'll be a lesson learned.


I think you have to ask yourself why you do or did run and what you want to achieve with it. I started to do the race for life in memory of a colleague, but I've stayed with it for the health benefits and because I can't quite believe that this is me, running, when I never believed it was something I could do. I have two young children and I want to keep fit for them now and into my old age. Both my parents were diagnosed with type II diabetes so I'm taking pains to keep it at bay even though my risk factor is lower anyway - this is extra insurance if you like.

My son is also disabled and cannot run the way an able bodied person can (although he can a bit) so I sort of feel I should do it because I can. I often think of him when running and all the things he has managed to achieve in the face of adversity and it spurs me on. But as much as anything I love that I feel and look better and have more energy for things I really do enjoy such as playing badminton with friends and running around with the kids. I don't always love the runs but I always love it afterwards.

I've had to give myself goals though - I'm signed up for two 10ks and one 5k in the next few months, one as part of a group for a charity close to my heart and I have a horrible feeling I'm going to get talked into doing a HM next year...

That was a bit of a ramble! Back to my original point - why do you want to do it?


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