What was the toughest point of C25K for you?

Hi all, just started C25K (just completed third run of week 1). The toughest bit so far is motivating myself to just get out there and not allow myself to have crap excuses for why I can't run today. However, always enjoyed it once I've started, and the level of week 1 is OK for me.

I wondered, for those who have completed it and for those part way through, what has been toughest things to get over? Was it a particular week because the runs stepped up too much, or just a bad day, or what?

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  • Starting in June of this year was great with long days and beautiful weather, whereas it is harder to get out these dark mornings, although I now wake at about 5am every day, so I may as well just do it, and always love it once I'm out. Run 2 of each week always seemed the hardest to me, probably because I expected it to be easier than the first. We all have bad runs that are hard, balanced by the great ones when it all goes well. Don't look too hard for the negatives, Julia321, or you might just use them as an excuse to go running.

  • JR21 did a poll on this a while back. healthunlocked.com/couchto5... Seems that wk 5 gets the vote tho I struggled with week 8 (terrible music!). In many ways you've already done the hardest bit tho by just getting started. Good luck!

  • I have loved the satisfaction of improving steadily from struggling with the 1minute runs to now when I am about to start week 9. Hardest run was week 6 run 1 but it was a mental issue rather than a stamina one. Posting on here helped loads as I realised I was not alone - and if others could do it, so could I.

    So follow the plan and enjoy.

  • Thank you all, that's very helpful. I hadn't seen that poll and the comments with it. For me, knowing what others found hard is actually a positive thing: if I face the same difficulties then I know I'm not alone, or if I find it OK then that's encouraging. I think I'm more likely to succeed if I have sensible expectations too.

  • I wasn't going to mention W5R3 but now you know. The toughest part of that particular run is the same problem you're having right now - lack of belief. And that promotes lack of motivation. Set aside the time you need well in advance so there's no excuse. If you pencil in say, Friday at 5pm I need half an hour to run, then that's it booked. Everyone has the same problems, being daunted about what's coming, doubts about whether you can actually achieve your goals. But we're all here to help and support and to show that it can be done. There will be times you will have bad runs, but so what? So does everyone else. But longer term, it's going to be the best thing you ever did and you're going to be so proud of yourself! Good luck!

  • Thanks - I'll make sure I have a good night's sleep before that one!

    To be honest, I will be very surprised if I can get through this without needing to repeat any runs, but I am feeling confident that I will work through it eventually!

  • I always assumed it was going to take me longer than 9 weeks to do this. Yeah other people are capable but not me surely....

    So far I've managed every run the plan has set me having completed the scary week 5 run 3 yesterday. Which although yes it is tiring, really is more of a mental challenge.

    Other than last night which I actually enjoyed, the hardest part was committing to starting this and having the discipline to see it through. I'm not counting my chickens yet, I'll let you know after I graduate, but so far so good!

    I love how I surprise myself that I can do this after every run. Sometimes during too! I've already gained so much from it. I have no intention of letting it slide now, so see you at graduation! :)

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