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wow, have you seen how many members there are now??

to carry on with a blog I have been searching back through old blogs to find a particular one, as this new site is a bit strange. anyways, instead, have found it easier to have a look in the directory to find my partner in crime who begins with C & have been noticing daily how the numbers are growing.

nearly up to 200 of us now :)

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Yippee.... Its so good to have this support


I know it's brilliant, this forum really keeps me motivated :)


Hi Shelley,

It's a bit of a pain isn't it having to search right back for the blog, we get further back every day! I left feedback on the site about the blogs going by date first posted rather than date updated.

It's nice to have all the members though, I'm sure we've got loads more than we had on the old site!



Yes, I noticed the number of members the other day. It's brilliant. I also left support to change the blog system, I thought that was why we were offline on Sunday, but I guess that wasn't the reason.


I was hoping that was part of the reason too blueboots, but unfortunately not!! Slightly irritating to say the least lol.

CaroleC (thanks for your nice comment on my Joy blog).


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