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Who are you - and what have you done with my friend?

I was chatting to an old friend on the phone the other night. We've known each other for getting on for 30 years but now live in different countries so we don't get to meet very often. She's been on a bit of a journey herself involving surgery and massive weight loss so I hadn't mentioned the running until now. When I told her I was running for 30 minutes 3 times a week those were her very words! I think that brought home to me just how much my attitude to exercise has changed for the better since starting C25K.

Tonight for instance my daughter had a choir rehersal. I normally share the drop off and pick ups with another mum but she is away so I was faced with hanging around for 2 hours. In the past I would have enjoyed the chance to do some reading or just chatted to the other parents waiting. Tonight I worked out that I could go for a run and then it would be ok if I did not get out tomorrow morning (have to wait in for a delivery). The music school is near the park where the local parkrun is held so I could also check out the course. Also my new Skapri (first proper running gear I have bought bar shoes - thanks to BTX4!) arrived this morning and I just could not wait to wear it! All in all nothing was going to stop me running! I even had a banana instead of a Subway sandwich so I would not be too stuffed to run!

It was brilliant! A lovely park on a lovely summer's evening (albeit a bit humid). I ran to the W9 podcast and thoroughly enjoyed seeing other runners, folks playing football and basketball, mums out with their babies in strollers and couples canoodling on the grass. A very pleasant contrast to my usual solitary runs when I see the odd dog walker and maybe some sheep. The path was pretty flat and I felt I was going faster than usual - my usual run has hills. The Skapri was great (it's basically short leggings with a little skirt on top to hide the bum and tum) and I felt like a real runner! I felt a bit self-conscious doing my stretches but no-one batted an eyelid. I realised as I left the park that there are measured routes of different distances so I could have calculated a speed if I had planned a bit better. Looks like I will have to go back!

Got back to the music centre in time to earwig on the end of the rehersal - sounded great! I think this is the first time I have ever found myself coming up with more and more reasons to exercise rather than to avoid it! I'm not surprised my friend wondered who was on the other end of the line. As I told her - 'Still me - but new and improved!' ;-)

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O, Pingle, that's wonderful to hear....glad you had such a nice run.

I can see you taking your daughter and friend to choir rehearsal more often...just for the chance to try out some of those new routes. And your Skapri sounds like something I'll be looking into for cooler runs. (Right now I'd run sans clothing if it wasn't for the police doing a knock-down on me.)

Have fun!


lol a sight to behold... i think i'd still have to wear my bra - if nothing else!


Thanks Grammadog, I really enjoyed it, which in a way is the most surprising thing of all as before I always thought exercise was something to be endured! I did have to wait until they were all in the rehersal and change in the loos in case any of my daughters friends saw me! Sort of the teenage police! Not sure what they would make of Mair99 running in her bra and you in the buff! I really like the Skapri. I got mine from Wiggle but it's made by Nike should be available anywhere.


So glad the skapri was comfortable and you enjoyed wearing it for the first time. You will just have to buy another in a different colour :)

Perhaps you should send your friend a photo of you in the skapri to show her the new improved you?!


Thanks BTX4. The skapri is great. It's blue so there are at least 3 other colours to work through! I hope to meet up with my friend over the Summer. We have agreed to carry a copy of the Times and a carnation just in case we don't recognise one another! :-)


Great post!


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