First treadmill run!

The dark nights have beaten me and I've resorted to the treadmill for my evening runs at the gym. I must say I was disappointed :(. The scenery is rubbish , half a wall and half a mirror! That last thing I want see is my self running, I can only just cope with a head shot. Then mapmyrun wouldn't show me any stats afterwards. I did realise it couldn't as technically I wasn't moving doh I do have a brain honest :)

On the plus side I'm still running and my sore calf which I've had for about 4 weeks especially when I walk down the stairs should be a bit happier :)


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16 Replies

  • That doesn't sound like much fun :(

    At least the weather is supposed to temporarily improve later in the week. Take it easy on your leg :)

  • Thank you, I hope yours is on the mend too.

  • If my leg hurts whilst I am out running tomorrow, I think I might give the treadmill a try again. I started Couch25k on the treadmill but knew I would struggle with boredom on the longer runs so was really pleased to get on OK with running outside at Week 4. DH spends ages on the treadmill - he watches DVD box sets and that really encourages him to get out there. I just can't concentrate on the TV and run. Running on a treadmill has got to be better than no running hasn't it.

  • It certainly is better :) I can't run 5k without running into country lanes with no lighting. I'm too nervous now to run in the dark on my own.

    Looking forward to my Sunday run :)

  • I've just started running on a treadmill and admittedly it's slightly boring, but like BluebellRunner, it's safer for me to do this rather than run through poorly lit areas.

    Also, I suffer with a very painful left knee and can't normally run on it unless I strap it up with sports tape. Surprisingly since running on the treadmill I've gradually reduced the amount of tape I'm using and tonight I ran with no sports tape and no pain...... Bliss!!

  • Ohhh there's still hope for my calf then :). I don't want to try and run further than 5k until it's better, I think it's just still not strong enough :(

  • I've only had to use a treadmill for a couple of weeks while I was on holiday in Turkey when it was much too hot to run outside. I can still remember the brick I stared at on the wall in front of the treadmill. I found the treadmill great for keeping an even pace but for me it was boring.

    On Monday night, my wife encouraged me to go out running in the dark - it was raining and windy. I was dressed for the occasion so I kept warm and I enjoyed it. I've had to stop some routes because I can't see where I'm going.

    Don't give up on the outdoors!

  • I'm definitely going to keep my Sunday run outside. Ginbin mentioned a head torch, maybe that will help you. I'm thinking about joining the local running club which I find a bit of a scary thought but then I wouldn't be running alone, something i need to think about!

  • I recently had a bad fall while running in the dark and fractured the sinus bone on the right cheek. I looked worse than I felt. This prompted me to buy a head torch. Now I feel more confident and safe running in the dark. It is just like wearing a sweat band. I also have an armband with flashing lights. The treadmill is so boring and if you want to run 5ks you really need to get used to running outside.

  • Oh dear that sounds painful I hope you are on the mend? Not thought about a head torch, sound like a good idea but i'm more worried about being out alone. Maybe I should join the local running club (scary!) then only have one treadmill run a week. I'm still sticking to my Sunday run outside.

  • Oh, I am all mended....I just thought the idea of a head torch was one worth mentioning. I do my running early in the morning (4:30-5am) and I used to do it on the street (not the pavement) because of uneven pavement and not being able to see. Now that I have the light, I have retreated back to the pavement because I can shine the light either ahead or downward. If I had a local running group, I would join, but I don't live near a town that has one so running alone is the next best thing, and actually, I am a bit of a loner.

  • I believe there is a way to use mapmyrun on a treadmill but this might just be inputting the info yourself. I posted last week to say I was joining the gym for winter but haven't done so yet and been out for 2 runs this week after work :) I'm just not sure I want to transition indoors :( Good luck! Take care of your leg too!

  • Thank you sidbetty, I must admit it was a difficult decision last night but i'm a bit worried of been on my own in the dark. Mapmyrun did record my time and calories but I was expecting my stats too :( it did also still link to myfitnesspal which adds my additional calories for the day so it wasn't all bad. I would try to stick to the outdoors for as long as you can.

  • BluebellRunner, Because I've bronchiectasis, I train at the gym. From the static bike I can see the swimming pool, so I can think of a holiday!

    I much prefer the gym, because the cold and rain makes me breathless. The controlled atmosphere is brilliant for me. I'm not on my own thre, the instructors keep an eye on me. Tyhese are the plus points. The terrible bet music is a bad point, I prefer classical music! Still you have done your training, that's what counts.

  • Ooh I do like the sounds of daydreaming about holidays helingmic, maybe that's what I should do while running on the treadmill but without the pool view.

    That seems like a sensible thing to do with bronchiectasis, maybe you could treat yourself to some kind of music player with some headphones to listen to some classical music. Happy cycling :)

  • when I was pedalling, I used to visualise myself pedalling on a pedalo on the Mediterrean sea!.

    BTW, I did treated myself to an MP3 player.I recorded one Portuguese song. But I lost it somehwere in the house!

    It's true that I could plug in my MP3 onto the computer and even record my progress. I might have to buy another MP3 which would be a bit bigger than my other one which was no bigger than a matchbox.

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