Online shopping - need to order so Mum can deliver to me over here!

When winter comes and it starts raining here(!), I'm going to need something suitable to wear on my legs. I've been looking online but am not really sure what I should be looking for. I don't really want to wear "tights", but do want something that won't get soaked through if possible. It doesn't get particularly cold here (probably down to about 8-10 degrees in the day - I'm a bit up from sea level), but when it rains, it RAINS, so I think my capri pants made from sweatshirt like fabric won't really be suitable.

My mum is coming to visit at the end of the month (yay!) so it would be handy if I could order something in time for her to bring, but anything I've looked at that seems like it might do the job is not available in my size.

Suggestions welcome about (a) what would be suitable to wear and (b) what online places are reliable.


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  • If your Mum can get herself to an Aldi store fairly soon they may still have some compression legs in the sale at a good price.

  • Thanks for the info, but I'd like her not to have to make the choice herself. Not sure I can imagine myself in compression leggings (somewhat paranoid about knobbly knees).

  • A) Any 3/4 or full-length running leggings will be fine as they don't soak up the water. Sorry, I can't help you with your problems getting your size - don't know if it's because you are tall or what..? I previously bought some Brooks (ladies) full-length tights and passed them to a friend as they were too long

    b) Regards online retailers: I've used Sweatshop and they were efficient and have a wide range of stock.

  • I'd agree about Sweatshop as being a reliable online retailer. I've also used Run4It with no problems but Sweatshop has an excellent range and prices are fair too. I have sent things back and they are very efficient. My husband uses Wiggle (among other places) for cycling clothes and he also has no complaints.

    As to specific running tights, I have a pair of Adidas Supernova capri-length tights that I always wear. I had to get a size bigger than I'd expected and then I had to run elastic around the waist as despite being a snug fit they tended to fall down, but with that modification they're great and definitely wouldn't soak up rain. I do wish I'd bought them in black as well (mine are a rather nice blue/grey with pink trimmings) as black is more versatile when you look for tops.

    I also have some M&S capri length - they are a little thicker than the Adidas ones and don't get worn very often even though they are black. They do, however fit true to size. I think when you have a choice but consistently choose the same tights that's an indication...

    Hope that helps and happy shopping!

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a size 12, so I think they are just in short supply with "everyone" buying up now it's autumn. Am looking at the sites that have been suggested and there isn't too much choice in my size, but maybe less choice is easier - just go with something that I guess will fit?

  • I've just bought 2 long sleeved running tops from Sweatshop. At the moment they have an offer on - spend £50 on winter running gear and get a £25 voucher.

  • Is this only online shopping, and just clothing ? Because I bought running shoes Thursday and didn't get one .

  • Yes, I think it's just clothing from their AW13 range. I bought new running shoes a couple of weeks ago and didn't get the voucher, even though the offer was on then.

  • Thanks Saruma

  • Ronhill TRacksters are great. OK, they will never win any fashion parades, but they are practical and comfortable. Not too hot, and if you get the right ones, they are, to an extent, water repellant. Also, if you wash them in something like NikWax TX Direct, they shed water to a bit.

    Can you tell that I'm not a sales man?!

    If you have a Go Outdoors nearby, they usually have them a good price.

  • Can't say I've seen a "Go Outdoors" in Beirut... but will look online for these, thanks!

  • I'm surprised, they seem to be opening everywhere!!!

    You could try them on-line, but I have no idea if they do international sales. I didn't read your name properly, did I ~ opps!

    Good luck with your search and running.

  • I like my Nike & Ronhill running capri best, they wash well and don't slip down at the waist. Both have a draw string to tighten them too, with back zip pocket for key. They do get wet but because they are made of wicking type material my legs never feel wet or chilled. I'm a size 12 and they are true to size too, however I'm also only 5'1" tall and they are not too long so if you are a tall person check their range as they may well have for longer legs. Good luck

  • Thanks, that's really helpful.

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