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What do you wear when you run in the rain?


Here in the Netherlands the summer this year is rather changeable - so far I've been lucky not to have to run in more than very light rain once. I would like to think that rather than cancel my run I would go out even if it's raining hard, but my question is what does everybody wear if it's raining? Just say 'sod it' and wear your usual clothes and get soaked through, or do you need some kind of waterproof windbreaker? If you have one, does it work very well, or do you just get soaked in sweat instead of rain?

Was just looking at some windbreakers online and they're expensive. Don't want to invest if I never wear it!

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Normal clothes, plus a baseball cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. I thought I would hate running in the rain, but I love it. Nice to be cooled off a bit!

CazvsGraduate in reply to Cazvs

When I say 'normal clothes' I mean normal running clothes, not jeans and a t shirt!


If it was absolutely chucking it down I'd bottle out and go and do an interval session on the treadmill. Lightish rain and I've got a lightweight jacket that doesn't seem to get too wet inside. If it starts raining when I'm out it's just tough and I'm in whatever and I'll just keep going unless I get cold.

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Oooh, forgot, if it's snowing I've go a thermal long sleeved running top which I wore too early last year and thought it would be too hot to run in, but in the snow it was fantastic!


I treated myself to a beautiful Salamon Clima Wind Fell Running jacket (lovely deep berry red) last October and wore it all through the winter, wind, rain, snow, blizzard along with running cap to keep the rain out of face. 3/4 length Capri's all year round and running top, long sleeved for winter (base layer) and short wicking for summer. Never varies, except I now have a few pairs of Capri's and tops.


Normal running clothes. If I get wet (and obviously I will), so be it. It's only rain. I like running in the rain. It's peaceful and calm, with lots of puddy muddles to run through!


As long as it;s not too cold, I echo what the others have said ~ normal running gear. The more you wear, the hotter you get. Keep it simple and as long as you are generating enough heat, you will be fine.

One point ~ if you are cold, you are more likely to pull a muscle, so listen to your body more closely.

God luck!

Thanks everyone for the input! For as long as the weather remains moderately warm I will just go and get wet. Good tip about the running cap, that sounds a very good idea, I have enough trouble running without being blind as well! If I'm still running in the autumn then I will look at buying myself something nice for the colder days!


I ran for the first time in rain last week. It was also very cold (early morning) and so I wore a tracksuit with waterproof windbreaker suit over the tracksuit. It worked well for me. If it is raining but quite warm then a pair of lightweight leggings and a T shirt under the wet weather gear. If the rain is really hard then I use a treadmill or exercise bike. It works well for me and I guess other individuals generally also work out what works best for them. Good luck with your running.


I run in my usual running gear but I also wear a baseball cap when it's raining. Also, as I drive to reach the place where I run, I have a towel to sit on when coming back home, and another vest I switch to so it keeps me warm before I can shower at last.

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