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Using Podcasts for jog/sprint intervals after graduation

Just wondering after graduation how people have progressed?

It was suggested to me that I could start again, and instead of jogging/walking doing jogging/sprinting. Obviously changing this as the breaks get shorter. Anyone tried this?

I.e Week one would be 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds sprint (or the other way round)

Thanks! I'm only at week 6 anyway, and after a blip on Thursday, I'm feeling great again :)

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I wouldn't go straight to sprinting, try a raised pace for the 60 second interval and normal jogging for 90 seconds. Adjust your pace until you can do the whole minute at the higher pace.


I've been considering doing this as well. My pace isnt great and did gradually improve over the first few weeks but once I got in to the weeks with the longer runs had to drop pace down in order to last the duration. I'm hoping to graduate this week or next so once thats doen and I'm back from holiday I intend to go back to week 1 and use my pace now for the walk sections and something a little faster for the jogs. Still wont be up to sprinting though!


There are some couchto5K+ podcasts that may be of interest, stepping stone, stamina and speed. All of them have you running to a beat. I've done all of them now, I did the speed podcast for the first time the other day and it includes 6 intervals of 1 minute running at 165bpm then 1 at 150bpm. It is bloomin' hard work! It may be the sort of thing you're after

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