Just starting :)

Hi everyone,

I've just finished my second run of week 1 :) Have never ran in public before, I knew that if I started the weight would start melting off but I'm so self-conscious that I'd get into my jogging gear then wind up sitting on the sofa crying because I couldn't face anyone looking at me! On Monday I got firm with myself and told myself to get out there! I'm in Uni accommodation and most people have gone home so it isn't as busy round here. It went quite well and I managed to almost finish, I think I must have started walking 20 seconds early on the last rep. Today I still finished a few seconds early on the last rep again today but ran the last little stretch back to my flat after a walk, came back looking like a beetroot :p All in all I'm quite happy, will keep doing week 1 until I can do it properly which I think will be a couple more times ;)


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  • Well done and I too was concerned about others watching but you will soon get over that and enjoy being out there. I still like to run first thing as quieter and lovely. You focus on yourself and the plan and enjoy your journey ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Well done you ....keep at it and it will get easier ....x

  • I waa exactly the same atarting out on quiet paths.

    Thing is as you will find out, most folk are busy getting on with their lives to pay any notice to you.

    Those who may make comment are probably unable to run the length of themselves and anyway, listening to Laura means you cannot hear them !!!

    Good luck and keep at it. You will not regret this journey :)

  • Well done Lottie turn your music up to drown out your negative thoughts :) x

  • Very well done for getting out there - I too look like a beetroot when I am done. On my first week I had to get my husband to pause the app halfway through w1d1 incase I passed out. I have three pieces of advice for you: 1. Don't run every day - rest days are important. 2. Follow the programme and you will get there and faster than you might imagine. 3. Keep coming back to this site as it is great for tips and for motivation. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Congratulations on getting started!stick at it and you will reach your goal far sooner than you think! There's no better place than this community for help guidance and reassurance so keep coming back, no one is negative about anyone as we're all in the same boat and started out at the beginning just like you.

    As for feeling self conscious, well, I graduated a few weeks ago and still feel everyone's looking at me but as someone said above, they are all too busy getting on with their lives to notice what you're wearing and the amount of runners nowadays they even stop noticing you at all! So get out there and give it your all, and above all have fun!x

  • I'm about five stone overweight and look like Jabba the Hut in my running gear but the only way that's going to change is to stick at it. As a photographer I'm aware that when I'm really stuck into what I'm doing, I lose all self-consciousness and can quite happily contort myself on the floor in the most demeaning positions if it means I get the shot I want, so I had to apply the same theory to running. I soon got over worrying about what other people thought - I was concentrating so hard on just making it through the next bit! Good luck and keep going!

  • Just keep going. Never quit! You can do it. You can do almost anything if you're positive enough. You just have to believe. It's only a short run/walk. You walk all the time I bet! Walk to the shops, to the pub etc and never think about it. This is no different. Imagine you're running for a bus

    C25k programme is fun! Enjoy it and stop worrying. It's great being out there, looking for new routes. I bet there are loads near your campus. The run/walks sessions will be good for you as being a student can be stressful and there's no better stress buster than going for a jog

    Good luck, and keep us posted, and absolutely no crying on the sofa. It's banned from here on in. If you feel like you need help there are loads of peeps here to help you

  • That's awesome Well done!

    I used to be worried that people were watching but figure if they are they are thinking wish I could move a bit more, keep up the good work

  • I've done W3R2 and am still running in my living room because I'm so overweight and daren't go out in public. I will need a new carpet by week 9 - lol. Doesn't matter though, the point is I'm moving and running and am already seeing the benefits. You might not see weight loss - I've only lost a tiny bit, but I have shaped up (2 inches off waist and hips) and I know I'm fitter. Keep going, don't give up, listen to the advice and encouragement from all the lovely people on here - you will never regret it.

  • I'm very self conscious so i generally just don't make sure contact with people. I have my music on and get in my own zone and just stare ahead and focus on the run:)

  • I used to be very self-conscious, and would try to do my best to make sure no-one I knew would ever see me running. But living in a small community, that was pretty much impossible. Eventually I realised that for all the people who said 'I think I saw you running...', absolutely no-one was laughing at me at all. Every single person was supportive. So now I don't worry about it. I'm still not keen on how I look in my running gear, but figure that actually anyone who mocks isn't worth paying attention to anyway! ;)

  • I'm short and fat so I know just what you mean about being self-conscious, but a very lovely person on this forum (I can't remember who, I'm afraid) gave me a wonderful piece of advice that stuck with me and really helped me on some of the more 'down' days. It was this: If anyone actually does look at you, about half of them will be thinking "good on you for giving it a go", the other half might look down their noses at you but will be thinking "I wish that was me". After that I bought the loudest, most colourful kit I could find - I wanted to be noticed! Remember, however slowly you run, you're running a hell of a lot faster than the people sitting on their sofas! Good luck with it all, Steve :)

  • Well done for starting. You won't regret it. The best bit of advice I was given was


    I nearly didn't complete week 4 but after slowing down I was able to finish. Run slow and keep going.

    Don't be afraid of being seen, people have more important things to do than stare at the crazy girl running past the window, and even if they notice you, you said you ran on campus right? They are students then? they'll have forgotten inside 10 minutes :)

  • I LOVE reading posts like this. People who only have the actual running to contend with do well enough to get out there and do this but so many of us have extra baggage to haul around and barriers to get through.

    I've been on the sofa in my running gear countless times to scared to go out.

    Good for you for finally doing it!

    From what I hear, the more we run the less self-conscious we'll be and the less we'll care what others think. And running being a part of your life raises all sorts of new and interesting concerns for you. It just opens up a whole 'nother world of interesting topics, plus you'll feel fitter, you burn fat, you tone up, you feel more confident......It's going to be worth the current discomfort, I keep telling myself.

    Win win, methinks!

  • You can absolutely do this. I agree with what everyone else has said. Take it slow, don't over do it, and don't worry about what anyone else might be thinking.

    Today when I was doing a class at the gym, it was so humid, and my face was so red it was almost purple. I was afraid someone was going to call a medic thinking I was going to keel over. Then I noticed that the guy next to me was redder than I was. Nobody looked at him sideways, so I guess they weren't looking at me, either.

  • I feel exactly the same. So self conscious.

    My top tip = sunglasses & i make no eye contact!

    And as someone already said you can't hear any nasty comments because you have laura in your ear holes ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Keep at it x

  • I'm beginning to wonder if anyone on this forum didn't start out in secret and terrified of being seen.... And we all find the same thing - most people don't even notice us, and those who do tend to be encouraging. I live in a very small village and tried all sorts of tricks not to be noticed, but one by one, my neighbours have come out with "Is that you I've seen running?" and without exception they have followed up with "well done" "you're brave" "wish I could" etc. etc.

    I also regularly get asked (usually in the local) "How's the running going?" "Are you still running?" etc. They seem genuinely interested - if a little surprised - to be fair, they have known the "won't run for a bus" me for 15 years!!

    So hide for as long as you need to, but keep running, and trust me, the day will come when you will not be shy of brightly coloured capris and tops.

    PS don't wait for Week 1 to seem easy before you move on. It will only ever be that in retrospect. If you can get through the 3 runs at all - move on. It's amazing how easy 60 seconds seems when you're trying to hit 90!!!

  • I go with the mindset of im doing better than that lot sitting on their arses... You will never regret going for a run, but you might regret not going

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