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Running after graduation

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I don't know if anyone else felt the same after graduation but I started to lose motivation to go out for a run. The 2 weeks after I graduated I managed about 4 5ks the fastest one in 33 mins. Then I had a bad run in the bitter bitter cold which knocked my confidence and I struggled to go out. Until recently, a couple of weeks of only going out once or twice I decided to look into some more apps and I've started to do the couch to 5k plus apps. I've found having another goal and instruction is maybe what I needed to motivate myself. I've done the step one and the speed one and plan on doing the stamina one this week. The stamina one seems hard but again this will be a good goal for me! Has anyone else struggled with motivation? Does anyone else find the stamina one daunting?

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Have you read the guide to post C25K running? in which one of my first bits of advice is to create some targets for your future running.

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snibble17Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you so much!! There's a lot of info on there and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has felt like this. 12 weeks to consolidate sounds sensible. I thought after graduation I would be out 3/4 times a week no problem!! I will keep referring back to this over the next couple of weeks no doubt.

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What is the couch to 5k plus app? Ive also just graduated and feeling like i need motivation. Im missing the push of jo wiley telling me to keep going 😂. Ive just got in from a run was hoping to extend it a bit but as i was just listening to music it was exactly 5k when i got home so a bit dissapointed.

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snibble17Graduate in reply to Hedghog

Sorry I've just realised I should have said podcasts instead of apps .. bit misleading! There's 3 podcasts you can do, each one has targets for beats per min (how many times your feet hit the ground in a min). There's the step one for 30 min run that starts off at 150 bpm, a speed one for 16 mins the has short 1 min bursts of 165 bpm and the stamina one which is 35 mins long at starts out at 158 bpm for 10 mins, 160 bpm for 20 mins and finishes with 5 mins at 165pm. I've just done the stamina one tonight which I thought was gonna be to hard but it really wasn't! Got into the rythem of it and it's just over 5k. I'd defo reccomend the stamina one. You can download them straight from nhs or if you have a podcast app you should be able to get them on there (option to have no intro when you use a podcast app). I'm definitely enjoying having the bpm to focus on!!

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HedghogGraduate in reply to snibble17

Thanks so much, ill take a look 😀

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Glasshotel in reply to Hedghog

Hi there, you might find Runkeeper or map my run useful. You can program them to alert you every 5 minutes or 10 minutes about how far and fast you have run. You can also get alerts for every .5k or 1k. That way you can track your progress for time and distance. Once you work out your new goals it should help your motivation. Good luck!

Yes I understand what you are feeling. I am going thru the same process. I am doing 30 minutes 3 times a week (re-running W9R3 Laura coaching with a bit added on) and a Parkrun each Saturday. So whilst I am doing it the motivation needs a big kick. Having read what many others say this is not that unusual. We need a few weeks of repetition to get the running more ‘imbedded’. And self motivation after some weeks of hand-holding is difficult. My plan is to aim to get thru to the year end consolidating what I have already achieved. finish the year with 4 Parkrun’s in the 10 day Christmas/New Year period. And then move on to something a bit more structured probably with one of the many apps. I think the key to motivation is having a clear target - that is why I achieved C25K but admit to have felt a bit flat when that target was reached. We just need to re-target our efforts. Good luck

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snibble17Graduate in reply to Bloodhound1

It's so good to hear I'm not the only one who feels like this. It's a flimsy excuse but I do think the dark nights and bad weather defo do not help! Well done on your park runs! I've registered but haven't completed one yet. Sounds silly but I feel a bit nervous even though I know I can do 5k! I don't know if it's the thought of running with a bunch of people as I really enjoy running on my own. But I do like the idea of a new running route and having it timed. How did you find your 1st park run?

I delayed going on my first Parkrun finding all sorts of excuses. But when I went I honestly enjoyed it. Ok I was 350 out of 357 but my time was ok (ish) I did what I hoped to. and the percentage for my age ( which is a great motivator) was better than quite a few others which felt like a big achievement Overall I found it completely non threatening and the experience of running alongside ( well ok behind) added a very pleasant change to my normally solitary runs. I really recommend you have a go they really are very friendly events

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The sudden removal of a goal will do that. I’ve set a long term one and several smaller ones along the way.

I haven’t done the plus podcasts but I have done some similar work and some runs are tough. Like you say, that challenge is in itself a goal. I had runs on my plan that we’re looking very daunting, but I injured myself and so will be avoiding them 😂. They’ll be back no doubt when I build my new plan!

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snibble17Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I've found the step up podcast a bit slow but it was good to get me back into the habit, I've just done the stamina podcast which was 35 mins at running gradually increasing your pace which I really enjoyed (surprised as I found it very daunting!!) The speed one is great as it's only 16 mins so can easily fit in. Have you been using different podcasts? As I think the plus podcasts are great for now but no doubt I'll be wanting to try something different in after a couple of weeks! Also hope your injury heals quick :-)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to snibble17

I went over to Nike Run Club and didn’t do the podcasts... but I believe the runs were similar. I run a lot of guided runs on that app so I have a coach in my ears.

Injury appears to be gone... another test walk tomorrow with tiny jogs I think.

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It is different. This morning I dithered all the way, the plan was to go slow as I struggle with this oddly.

I was also only going to do 3km as a different run.

So 2 km of slow, and then I thought, I'll push it for the final km and see how much speed I get up, and what was the result.

The slow wasn't slow, and I've already done 10 seconds faster than the fast!!!

I guess my point is that each run is different, the weather really does impact on the outcome.

My new rules are

3 x a week.

Minimum of 3 km.

Try to get to 7 km by February

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snibble17Graduate in reply to Jell6

Wow that's a good goal! I thought about going to for longer than 5 k but I do like only being out for half hour or so but maybe that's something I can assess in the new year. Great news on your fast run!! My plan was 5k 3 times a week also but again the motivation left me. So glad I'm not the only one though. I think I'm going to stick with the stamina and speed 5k plus podcasts for the next few runs and the look for something different. Let me know how you get on with your goal for 7k!!

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Jell6Graduate in reply to snibble17

Oh, if I make it, I'll post it 🤣

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snibble17Graduate in reply to Jell6

Definitely have to!!

I also had a big wobble after graduation back in August, missed MJ my coach, was not sure where I wanted to go next, 10k looked like a big commitment, I asked the same question and got the same link from Lannoda, I still keep referring back to it, great links, once you start to digest the technical side of running, there becomes to many options, mix it up for a bit , all the time in the world to decide where you want to go with this, with a 5 k time of 33 mins get to your local park run, you will be right in the thick of it ;)

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snibble17Graduate in reply to Tony_68

I have actually registered for the park run but haven't been yet. I like the thought of having it timed and a fresh running route but I also find running with a big group a bit daunting! Yes I've checked it out but not all the links yet. It looks like it could have everything I need though, very informative. Are you using any apps now? Also what goals are you currently working towards?

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My son is going through this. I need to help him set a number of goals.

If you haven't set it yet, perhaps aim for 5 miles, then 10k, then 10miles

And you can always look at improving your times at (for example) your local parkrun

For variety consider being a parkrun tourist.

Have you ever thought it would be great to say you've run a marathon?

Share your goals to help you commit to them

Looking forward to your next post!

🎅Xmas Katnap 🎅

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I've considered the 10k but what puts me off is going out for an hour or longer. I find the idea of going out that amount of time after work a lot less appealing (I've tried before work but I kept snoozing my alarm!!). Maybe I could look yo increasing my distance on the weekend when I have more time? I hope your son gets his motivation back! I would definitely recommend the bus plus podcasts especially the speed and stamina for him 👍🏻

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It's like you've been working towards this goal with all the support and determination in the world then you get there and that's it. I felt a bit lost myself added in with freezing weather and darkness it's a bit of a struggle to get out there.

I've just been running for 20 minutes 3 times a week found nike run club is a decent app with built in coaching some of its a bit ott but there is some good advice on it.

Just think back why you started this take away all the doubt and questioning, you've come this far it's some achievement

I found that going to Parkrun helped me get a rhythm back that the C25K programme had given me. Every Saturday I need to be fit enough to push my PB. I don't expect to break it every week, but to push up close every time.

The Saturday target then pushes back into the week, I need something on Thursday to make sure I am toned for Saturday. Because I work on Sunday, my real rest day is Monday, this means that Tuesday I want a consolidation run to fix the good Saturday work, or fix anything I spotted. I try to make either Tuesday or Thursday at least 4.5Km, and every run at least 30 minutes.

On top of that, real running, there is room for some Strength and Flexibility exercise on the other days (I give myself a complete rest on Sunday though, because I need everything for the work).

But I just finish by saying that 'community', both here, at Parkrun, and in other parts of life, is what makes us happy. And that, at the end of it, is what running is about.👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

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