Been told off for running where the dog walkers go!!!

This morning I ran my usual route but ended up being told I have no business running where the dog walkers are. The problem is one guy who has a really large dog - its head is as tall as my elbow and it scares me. He has told me more than once (today: I've told YOU before!!!) to stand still with my arms folded across my chest and it will walk away - it only wants to play. (silly me for not knowing that!)

It was there again this morning so I asked him to keep his dog back when it ran towards me but it just started jumping up and around me. I tried the arms over chest and stand still but it just carried on.

He then gave me an ear bashing that I have no business running where the dog walkers go. I told him it was his duty to keep his dog under control. It is a very big dog. If I had to keep away from dog walking areas there would be no place to run would there!

Feeling a tad cheesed off with him. If it happens again I will take a photo of both him and the dog and take it to our local Police Station. I somehow doubt that he will take much notice though!

Still, I ran 5.87km in 10 minutes less than 2 days ago. 'Only 75 minutes'. Nothing to brag about but an improvement for me so I am pleased. Long way to go to 30 minutes!


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17 Replies

  • I'm a dog owner and always keep my medium sized dog under control when near other folk with dogs, runners, cyclists etc. You're perfectly entitled to run where you want to! I agree that he needs to keep his dog under control.

  • Unless this was a specific area designated and signed as a dog only area then he's out of order - what a shame, most dog walkers, in my experience, are more considerate of runners (after all we are all enjoying the outdoors together). All I can suggest is just keep calm and repeat to him that it is not signed as such - perhaps even add that you've checked with the council (that might be enough to make him think twice), maybe worth checking with them anyway as they might have advice on how to handle him. What an unpleasant situation, I hope it won't spoil your running Beek!

  • He's completely out of order - what if the dog were to jump at a small child or someone frail, or just someone with a phobia about dogs ? Even if it is just being friendly, he shouldn't be letting it jump at someone unless he knows they are happy with that. As he's repeatedly allowing it to do that, I don't think it would be unreasonable of you to report him. I love dogs but I when I had my small dogs (2 Shih Tzus and a Griffon) I wouldn't have let them have the chance to jump at people I didn't know. Even a small dog could knock someone over if they catch them off balance. I don't mind dogs running at me and saying hello, although I did once get knocked flying by a British Bulldog, but no reasonable dog owner will assume that everyone is ok with it. He doesn't deserve to have a dog if he won't take responsibility for it.

    Well done on your running, you might have a way to go before you reach that elusive 30 minute 5km but just think how many PBs you'll achieve on the journey :-)

  • Thank you - the most PB's ever!

  • Next time, take a bag of doggy chocs and make the bloke run after you and his dog ;-)

  • Good idea! Might just do that!

  • hahaha I love the vision of that man running after his dog running after you! Make sure you are wearing a t-shirt that says "Pied Piper".

  • You should have a dog warden for your might be worth a chat with them to see where you stand.

  • Thank you - I will look that up. The other thing they do is hang their collected pooh bags on the bushes. Some of these dog walkers are not pleasant in their habits!

  • This guy is well out of order and has no right to assume he and his dog can run riot. Try telling 3 children running through forest tracks to stop because a strangers dog will jump all over them, my 3 grandchildren had the times of their lives this afternoon running in and out of the trees and not one dog owner let their dogs worry them by jumping up at them.

    Seek advice but take your camera or phone the next time and take a pic you then have proof of who he is. It sounds to me that he's a man with a big ego hiding behind a big dog which he has no control of which is a very dangerous combination. Sadly its a common failing and not the dogs fault, its just not been trained properly from a puppy. Good luck and well done on your time and distance.

  • Dog should be under control what right has he, encourage more runners to that area.

  • I always run with my dog on a well used river path. Most dog owners are good about holding their dogs while I run past. There's always the annoying ones though often with big dogs or a pack that say don't worry they won't hurt you, while their dogs are jumping up at you barking. Sadly, there's always going to be people who somehow feel they've got more rights than everyone else.

  • Big dog, big ego, small...... may be at the root of the problem. But he's well out of order. You can run where you like in a public space and it's not for him to attempt to dictate otherwise. I wouldn't wait until "next time"; he is, in effect, already threatening you, both verbally and through the actions of his dog, and as this isn't the first occurrence you would be perfectly justified in reporting his behaviour immediately to the police. I would expect that they would take it seriously and follow it up. If he persists despite being spoken to by the police he is heading for an official Caution about his behaviour, which may be exactly the sort of 'shot across the bows' he needs.

  • I have a big dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and yes he does get quite interested in runners and cyclists, but I always make him wait for them to pass. Not sure whether he would chase a runner or not, I've never let him. He wouldn't attack them but just his size can send you flying, so it is my responsibility to have him under control.

    I haven't braved running any distance with him, he's much faster than me and I could see myself being dragged all the way home, turf surfing!!!

  • One of my ex-managers had a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Smudge he was gorgeous, great softy but BIG with it. I loved it when he took him into the office as I used to take him for a walk at lunchtime. In fact we used to fight over who was taking him for a walk, haha, lovely dog and very well behaved on the lead too. :)

  • My boy is called Shumba, he's usually very good on the lead except when he sees a cat ;-)

  • I've just come across this post. I'm terrified of dogs, especially big ones, so this would be my worst nightmare! And did I read that right, poo bags in the bushes?! Quite frankly disgusting! Surely they can be fined for this health hazard?

    Keep us posted on how you get on, Beek.

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