Another Little Challenge in my Running Journey

Ok, so Mr Wheels has just told me that a sign in a local vets says that there are Adders where I run. Yikes! He asked Dr Google who says if you get bitten, keep still. Not much help as I will be keeping still miles away from home/another living person. Of course it's the dog who is most likely to be bitten but the advice is to keep him still and head for the vets...Running carrying an 8 stone dog is really not in my training programme!

I have thought about twisted ankles, dog attacks and weirdo's in the woods but SNAKES???

Meh :(


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16 Replies

  • Eek! I thought the jellyfish were bad. Would your dog stay still? Running with a wriggling 8 stone dog , could be a new sport.

  • Now i see the attraction of the treadmill!

  • Socks, running shoes and the noise you make when running should offer some protection , and help to keep the adders at bay..( Not saying you are a really noisy runner ) :) Although they tend to like to be on dry oaths in the sun and on warm stones..

    Hopefully you would have a phone or dog bitten ring for help :)

  • From the British Forestry Commision "The adder is the only venomous snake native to Britain. Adders have the most highly developed venom injecting mechanism of all snakes, but they are not aggressive animals. Adders will only use their venom as a last means of defence, usually if caught or trodden on. No one has died from adder bite in Britain for over 20 years. With proper treatment, the worst effects are nausea and drowsiness, followed by severe swelling and bruising in the area of the bite. Most people who are bitten were handling the snake. Treat adders with respect and leave them alone."

    And the Daily Express "Adam White dismisses his brush with an adder as nothing more than a minor irritation. "I must have been bitten on the Saturday, but it wasn't until Monday that I got a reaction. In fact I thought I'd twisted my ankle until I noticed the puncture wounds and the skin began to blister. It was so insignificant it wasn't until the Wednesday my GP confirmed it was a snake bite."

    According to experts, Mr White's experience is typical of the handful of adder bites reported each year in Britain. "A few people get bitten every summer, but it's quite difficult - you have virtually to stand on one before it will attack," says Mark Nicholson, Cornwall Wildlife Trust's education officer, and a reptile specialist. "It's not a pleasant experience and you should certainly seek medical attention, but only 12 people have died from adders during the last 100 years - and the last fatality was in 1975. You have far more chance of being killed by a wasp.""

    And for your doggie - Snake boots! :)

    Now - get out there and run! ;)

  • I hear that here are plans to reintroduce Lynx, Wolf and even maybe Bear to the UK. These things will definitely make me run faster😊🏃‍♀️

  • Boars... wild boars... so scary!!!!

  • I can read the above with either s positive mind set....Nobody died... or a negative view... they only bite if stepped on (which is obvs what I would do)

    Also, dog snake boots? Where do you get those......😁

  • dog booties at any reputable hunting store or online. Bet ones are for K9 Units but I don't know if you can get them like that. :)

    Please though don't worry about stepping on an Adder. Heres why - from Real Life experience and training.

    I stepped on a Rattlesnake years ago. It had been a very warm Fall morning and a lot of snakes came out to lie in the sun etc. I was walking in a forest environment when I stepped on something 'squishy' and next thing my buddy shoved me as hard as he could in the small of my back. Then he was trying not to scream as he kicked at the Rattler i had literally stepped full on.

    Now - Rattlers in general are longer and stronger than Adders and this was an adult one. He said he saw it arcing up trying to bite my leg but it couldn't quite make it. They are damn powerful and fast lunging FORWARD - but being stepped on handicaps them a hell of a lot.

    As for the training part - we were told, and its true that unless exceptional conditions apply (oooo - wasn't I the lucky one that time) ANY snake will sense the vibrations of your footfalls way ahead of time and slither away.

    But - you protest - yes, I can hear you (nice curtains by the way) ( LOL ) (god - hope that is not too creepy!)

    Anyway - you will doubtless think 'But i am running and will get to the snake faster than it can slither away"

    Yes - you will. BUT - you will either be by it so fast its not threatened OR you will have stepped on and off its back so fast the poor wee Adder won't even have time let alone the power to arc back and bite your shin.

    It's like Week 5 in the programme. Far too easy to build your own Gremlin out of facts that really do not come together :)

    Adders - if they were THAT dangerous they would be called 'Minusers' ;)

    No excuses young lady - keep running :)

  • Thanks IJ! Great story but don't worry, I ain't gonna be beat by snakes 🐍

    (And my dog will not be wearing boots any time soon 🐶)

  • That was MY link!!! You little snake in the grass xxxxxx

  • Great minds think alike OF! :) And instead of a snake in the grass I prefer to think of myself as MR. gorgon ;)

  • Love it :) x

  • My labrador dog was bitten by an adder some years ago. I popped out after our walk for a short while and when I got home her face and legs were swollen and she was staggering down the hallway wheezing like bagpipes. A mad dash to the emergency vets and several drugs later and she was able to come home. The vet phoned me every two hours to check she was still ok until late evening. I thought I might lose her but luckily she was fine. Whilst we are not so affected by adder bites, dogs can react badly.

  • OMG 😲

  • There are adders at my local parkrun & around where I run at home. I haven't yet seen one but I tend to stay on the path & not venture into the undergrowth. I am hoping that my heavy footfall announces my arrival & they move out of the way 😁

  • So, today no snakes were seen😁

    However there was a classic car race on the lanes where I start (or finish) running (where normally there is only occasional farm traffic). At a rate of one a minute apparently! I couldn't believe it and was not gruntled😡

    Me and dawg were leaping on and off the verge like our lives depended on it, which to be fair, they did🏃🦊🏃

    Somebody said about each run being adventure and they were right!!

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