W10R2 Bridge to 10k - oooh! Garmin message pops up "You're moving more for a typical Tuesday!"

W10R2 Bridge to 10k - oooh! Garmin message pops up "You're moving more for a typical Tuesday!"

Sorry, but that just made me laugh. I have just come back from my glorious morning run. I will attempt to add montage of my shoes later. Having picked up the gauntlet that was thrown down in the late hours of the night by a certain stunning one, who shall remain nameless, but who knows who they are, I have just completed the first podcast of B210K. Yes, definitely mad, I know, but if I could bottle the feeling of joy I have that is running through my body right now, I would, and I would run to the post office and send you all a bottle.

In true Flossie style, I didn't know what I had to do until I looked at the podcast just before leaving the car. I find that quite fun, not knowing what is coming up next! So, I decided to do the first podcast which incidentally is 4 x 10 minute runs with 1 minute fast walk in between. It said it would take 55 minutes. My blonde self thought "oh, that's longer than I was expecting to take, but I'll just have to run faster then" :) until I realised that that wasn't going to make any difference to the time, that was speed! Numpty!

Anyway, I took the advice from joepublic and was planning to start my watch once I began running, rather than start it at the beginning of my warm up walk. I walked for 5 minutes, got to the same place as last Friday, and this Assertive American Male (AAM) suddenly demands "Run!" Oh gosh, I am all of a dither, in a tizzy, what to do? I want to set my watch to find the GPS, but he sounded so authoritative that I felt the need to do as he said and run immediately. So I did, whilst trying to look at my watch at the same time, pressing all the wrong buttons and getting into a bit of a state. Finally my watch was ready, so I pressed start. All was well, that’s when I realised that I should have pressed the pause button on my phone.

I begin to run, it’s a wonderful morning, within moments I am far too hot, as, despite the wet weather or because of it, it seems to be rather mild today and I am wearing my beanie hat and gloves. Within two or three minutes, my hat and gloves are off, and I am feeling more comfortable, although I realise that my hat helps to keep my little earbuds in as I swing my arms and sometimes they catch on the wire, pulling them out of my ears. I am then fiddling with my right earbud, trying to find my earhole amongst my load of hair, then just as I sort that one out, my left earbud falls out. Oh what fun, equipment failure. I have to laugh as the sight of me running along the tow path fiddling with my earbuds is quite hilarious. I meet dog walkers, a rowing coach on a bike (I know that because he has a massive megaphone around his neck), an elderly gentleman walking his dog (not the same chap as Sunday, because I am in the neighbouring town) and some lady walkers.

Now, I should have given this name thing some more thought. I have to admit that I didn’t expect to like what I am now going to confess to you. You see, as a consequence of the rain, there were many vast puddles (call them lakes, if you will), to dodge around. Well, I began to do so, but as I ran towards the island, it became clear that this was not always going to be possible. As I set off around a puddle, it took me further to the river and my options were to either stand on the bench (not polite, especially with wet, muddy shoes) or jump in the river (a little chilly for this time of year) or go through the squelchy mud! So I went for the latter. Oh my goodness. A sudden shock as very cold water seeped into my trainers, but the feeling of the squelchy mud underfoot really was quite a joy! In fact, a broad grin crossed my face, from ear to ear, as I squelched my way through this boggy section of river bank.

I ran past the island and managed to get to the beautiful white college on the opposite side of the river. I was then commanded by the AAM to walk for one minute, so I decided as this was after my second ten minutes, I would turn around and head back. I met two fishermen, one with a dashing Christmas pudding hat on, the other wore a more sobre black woolly hat. I had an interesting impasse with a little black terrier who was obviously wanting to play that game of “chicken”. As I ran towards him on “my side” of the path, he ran straight towards me on “his side” of the path, which of course was "my side". “Surely he is going to move soon”, I thought. But no, he had no intention of moving, so I ended up squelching through more mud at the last minute :) Final 1km was a PR. Distance 6km. Time 42:26.

Oh yes, I think I should have called myself "Lady Hippo", on account of having such a great time in the mud! LOL!

Happy running everyone!

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40 Replies

  • Well done Flossie22... that sounded like a fun run..How good are those bite size runs too.. Its a great way to start increasing your distances. You do this 3 times before moving on, but can still mix it up with continous runs when you want to.😄 I know Henley and can imagine that riverbank being very waterlogged!!😆

    P.s if you don't like the AMM you could look at the Sammy Murphy podcasts. The first one the speaking prompts are very quiet on but otherwise great and good music.

  • Yes, found the "Bunny Run" music a bit of a giggle. By the time that came on, I think I was running my 3rd 10 minute run and didn't feel like a bunny at all, more like a plodding hippo! Sammy Murphy podcasts, don't think I have come across those, will have to check that out. So this one 3 times, before moving on, great advice once again Jan-now-runs. Thank you so much! :)

    I miss Laura, loved her dulcet tones, shame she's not on this too :(

  • Mud, mud, glorious mud... :-D Sounds great.

  • Oh well done orchards, that's just great! x

  • Where are the podcasts for B210k? I had a look last night and there seem to be several different apps so I was confused! I have a Garmin watch too - no messages like yours though, just 'Move!' :-D Which one do you have?

  • Yup - I get that "move" command too, just wave my arm in the air! LOL! I searched on my podcasts thingy under Bridge to 10K - Free Podcast, it's a green logo, looks rather fab actually, just imagine doing the long jump over a puddle, that's what it looks like to me. Don't be put off by not hearing Laura, I was expecting to hear Laura and this American woman started off, a little bit unnerving when you are used to hearing Laura. No offence to Americans. Then this guy takes over.

    My Garmin is the Vivosmart HR+ I think. What about yours? x

  • Ah, thanks, I'll have a look at that. Pity there isn't one with Laura but at least it's useful to have something!

    Mine is the Forerunner 35 - but it seems to want a lot more effort than just waving my arm around. Think I may cheat by turning the move alerts off :-D

  • LOL!

  • When you think about it, it's a bit Big Brother isn't it? Spooky that it knew I had moved more than last week or the week before. I wonder if it is going to berate me in a few weeks' time and say "you're not moving as much for a typical Tuesday" LOL

  • Mixed blessing - it's useful that Garmin knows where I am when out running as there have been times when I was somewhat lost (nothing handy like a big river to make footpaths obvious!) but it is a bit scary quite what detailed records it keeps and compares! By the way, I kept finding myself singing Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud today :-D

  • Excellent, I love that song! And it doesn't matter what you sing, as long as you're singing 🎤 don't forget choir practice at 8am on Christmas Eve. All welcome, no need to be a prima diva, just requires having a positive attitude for fun!

  • Great post ! Never heard a Xmas Pudding hat described as dashing. Makes him sound like one of the 3 Musketeers instead of an Angler with bad taste in headgear !

    That reminds me I must find my 'Dashing' "Bah Humbug" Hat, probably still in a box labelled "Only open in emergency or at Xmas". I will wear it if I get to do a parkrun over Xmas that we have all been challenged to do !

    I think your alter ego Lady hippo would like as a theme tune "Mud Mud glorious Mud" by Flanders and Swan. If I knew how to download the link I would attach the Utube video.

    You may know the song given that you are one of the Riverside Tribe on here.

    Anyway if your doing Bridge to 10K avoid them hippos !

  • LOL joepublic Well, compared to the black woolly hat, I thought it was rather dashing. Probably should have said "cute" or "colourful" LOL

    Hope you can get to do a PR over Christmas. Photo please of dashing bah humbug hat.

    Love the song MMGM, will find it on YouTube and listen.

  • Actually do be careful by the River. Fiddling with podcasts and stuff can be distracting.

    My closest shave with a dunk in water came a couple of years ago when used to cycle along canal. Myself and another cyclist in opposite directions nearly collided. No one's fault and not doing any speed just that the paved lock incline was slippy with some leaves.

    Somehow we did emergency dismounts and did a synchronised "back wheel grab" on both of our bikes before they sank into the Canal.

    Laugh about it now but think about it when planning canal towpath runs.

    My cunning plan for tomorrow is to run along towpath near to where I first did runs round a quite lake. (Falling into shallow lake is unlikely and wouldn't be fatal) is my theory. Hope to do couple of nostalgic laps of lake and run back along canal.

  • Thank you for your concern. Most kind. At the time of fiddling with my Garmin, I was actually quite set back from the river near a rowing club, so no harm would have come to me, unless of course a four was about to appear from the clubhouse, in which case I could have been decapitated. Ah, but I live to tell the tale :) Impressive emergency dismounts and synchronised BWG'ing. Happy running, upload the shape of your canal route tomorrow :)

  • My husband asking me here what I'm reading.... As I'm smiling away just imagining you on your run , you really take it all in, I still have my little landmarks to get to etc, however today km 3 felt as if I didn't do it couldn't believe it when my app said 4k.....

  • Glad to hear I got you smiling :) Great one Cuig on your "missing 3K", that's magic, that is, pure magic! x

  • Well done Lady Hippo! I do love your posts. :)

    Half way through C25k, we were away for the weekend in Glenmore Forest Park and I had planned a route that was mostly downhill or flat. However, two-thirds of the way through, I came to a wee burn. I had to decide whether to turn round and run uphill all the way home (as if I could have even if I wanted to...!) or wade through the water. I chose the latter and early on decided that pristine running shoes weren't half as nice as the feeling of getting in and about nature in all its challenges. Treadmills are fine in their way but they just can't provide random mud and stream challenges.

  • LOL LOL LOL AnneDroid I thank you most sincerely :) Fab news about your wee burn. I am sporting one of those on my right finger ;) Putting supper into oven without oven gloves = scorcio! LOL :)

  • Oops forgot about the language barrier there! Yes wee burn as in little stream, not the hot oven variety (ouch).

  • Yes, sorry, I did realise, 'twas me being silly! Should have done a cheeky wink after the first sentence. My fault! ;)

  • I knew you knew! I was just explaining for any mystified readers from Foreignland. :)

  • Oh sorry, silly me! LOL LOL. Forgot about the mystified readers from Foreignland. Well, they are welcome to message me if they like and I'll explain. :)

  • That sounds great flossie! Lovely post. The sun is shining here now and i'd like to be outside not stuck at work 😕

    Muddy puddles are fun! We did 2 cross country races where the mud was about over a foot deep,it was so funny!two guys i know fell accidentally -on -purpose in a muddy ditch exclaiming"oh no I've fallen"as they rolled around and later in the race wore clumps of grass as hair! But they are eccentric!!! 😆 ended up top to toe in mud,excellent times!!! 😊

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, aggravating when weather fab but you're stuck at work. X country races - LOL 😂 sounds like a blast! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀

  • I sympathise with your struggles with tech. I am the same; stopping and starting apps, losing ear-buds, dropping my phone...I probably shouldn't be allowed out!

  • LOL 😂 I'm wondering if the men in white coats are waiting outside my house right now! 😂

  • My trouble with apps is that I need my reading glasses to work them, and that just adds something else to the general faff!

  • Yes, add into the mix juggling a water bottle, tying a fleece around waist, handkerchief up sleeve and checking keys not jumped out of belt, it is a wonder I actually manage any running! I am sure it keeps onlookers amused.

  • Brilliant post - and so familiar! I have had that funny Garmin message and also not to keen on the American guys abrupt instructions. But well done - I still haven't managed the 4 x 10 mins without extending the 1 minute walks! Will keep trying though 😜

  • Thank you! Good to keep trying! Happy running!

  • Oh and also ... I have wireless headphones - neat little pods that connect via Bluetooth to my phone so no dangly wires - you could put some on your Xmas list?? 😁

  • Ooh yes, what a great idea dwynne

  • Your writing leaves me breathless. Almost as fast as the pace you run. I live the pictures you paint and can identify with many. Perhaps with exception of replacing my ear buds through long hair.

  • Thank you. I don't think my pace is fast, but thank you 😊 LOL to ear buds comment. And there was I imagining you to be a long-haired campanologist. 😉 Rest day today! Think I shall be running tomorrow whatever the weather.

  • Wowee!! What an eventful run!! I love your postings Flossie22 they are so enlightening!! My run today was close to skating!!!😊 didn't get any faster😂 it's funny I did 10k podcast but with Samantha but her 10 mins were a lot longer than my runkeepers 10mins!!! Maybe she is from a slower planet!!! 1st run of the week done!! I plan to do the full podcast at the weekend in daylight! & stick to 30mins at night as so dark! Your times are great you will be doing a 10k Xmas eve!!! Well done🏃🏃🌟👏x

  • Oh my, be careful skating now Phylis, but thank you for loving my postings 😀 I wonder which planet Samantha is from! There's one for you to ponder. LOL to 10k comment - Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, 10k on Christmas Eve! That is just not possible, not for me yet, anyway. I believe in the trade, it's what those Olympic coaches call "over distance training", so that I can manage the 5k because I can maybe, just maybe, run 6k! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

  • You are doing terrific!! Most I've done is the 5.5k actually running with warm up walks probably the 6! I must admit I might have to take 2 days in between next run maybe do Thursday & sat/sun as felt my glutes& knee a bit last night & that happens when I do 30mins & over every second night 😣 I was going to say it's a right pain in the neck but that's one ache I dont have 😂😂 now remember Mrs I have been reading about increasing no more than 10%each week so careful you don't overdo things before our 🎅🎅🏃🏃! Stretches for me tonight! Maybe i could get two people to just pull my arms & legs it would be easier😂😂ok maybe need more than2😀😀 happy running😊😊x

  • LOL Phylis, Thank you for your concern, but I am a sensible one really, no really, and am going to follow the B210K plan to the letter. My secret coach has given me proper instructions for the next two sessions 😉 in as far as "do them" I suppose! LOL

  • I can identify with that lol!! So cold up here in bonnie Scotland !! Hoping its going go be better Thursday/Friday for my next run! 😊X

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