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Not a particular Buddhist post - Bloody Dog Owners!


hey all excuse the moan, but went out for a lunchtime run and out in the wilds of South East Kent came across a man and his yappy shoe brush of a dog. he made no attempt to put it on a lead. as I run past the dog chases after me snapping its jaws at my heels. I stopped and shouted out it to go away. he took exception that I had the audacity to shout at his dog ! taking his point on board I shouted at him and told him to put his F*******g dog on it lead. It amazes me that his dog attacked me and he sees me at fault !!

on reflection I did not handle this matter well ! and it took 2 added two mins to my run - gutted !!

wonder if anyone has any other strategies for dealing with dogs whilst out running ?

Hope you are all well


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Hmm, I see it from both sides. Before I started running and when my GS was younger, we walked him down by the river and a runner came past us full pelt (it was a fairly narrow path) which caused pooch to trot after him as he thought it was a game (he didn't jump up or bark, just followed him). We got shouted at to keep him on a lead but it's an isolated, well known off-lead dog walking area so we were a little annoyed that we had an irate jogger yelling at us. Mind you, if I was being followed by a ruddy great GS I'd be worried too! But at the time, the other half yelled back at him, especially as pooch returned to us when called to come back.

As a runner I must be lucky as the only dog walker I see calls her dogs back and leashes them when she sees me as she said they would find me more interesting. Small dogs seem to be more aggressive though, so apart from trying to avoid running past them, I can't offer any more advice.

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Lizzyb11066

thank you, this dog was not trotting after me it was snapping at my ankles and crossed the road to do it !

In that case, do you remember the scene from 'Something about Mary' where the small dog goes sailing out the window?...


it crossed my mind lol

I have problems coz all the local dogs know I usually have biscuits in my pocket when I walk my own. They are very confused when they see me running !

I have to say I always call my dogs to heel when I see runners or cyclists as do most people round here, mine wouldn't snap or bite but they do love to join in and one likes to launch himself under the wheels of a bike! Again not small dogs, I have Labradors and they are both a bit afraid of little snappy dogs. I do hate to hear of other dog owners not controlling them, it can give the rest of us a bad name.

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to OldPossum

I am also a dog owner I have a mad old lab, and I put him on the lead when I see anything to which he might react badly and I always call him in if I see runners or cyclists.


My strategy is to always carry my own dog with me on a run....never had any trouble (not from other dogs anyway!)

If it is any consolation, although he didn't react well at the time, it is possible that next time a runner hoves into view that dog will be put on a lead sharpish.

I do wonder if thinking 'Aaaaah, what a lovely little dog' (even if it patently isn't) in future might help them to leave you alone cf all the adrenalin or whatever it is we give off if scared or angry. Our dog gets overexcited by raised voices and frankly can tell if either my husband or I (ideally both of course) are 'in the mood' before we know ourselves...


I'm sorry... I'm still laughing at the description of a 'yappy shoe brush' - brilliant!

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to McFitty


So I have now decided that from now on in if I see a dog owner with dog of lead I will smile at them and say good morning, I tried this yesterday and was not attacked once dogs either better behaved or more relaxed


Fly spray ;)

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Irish-John


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