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Did my 2nd park run yesterday, really enjoyed it, improved my time by 3 mins, ran the whole thing without stopping. My 13 yr old son came with me. As he never does any exercise and is quite unfit I was worried he might overdo it and kept telling him not to worry if he just walked the whole thing. He ran some and walked some, but it turns out his walking is faster than my running so he beat me by 2 mins. He hasn't stopped crowing since. I don't know whether to be miffed or be proud of him. Today I've twisted my knee playing with the dog and it's really painful. Hoping a couple of rest days will sort it out. Since graduating I've settled into a routine of doing a couple of 30 min runs (about 4.5k) and a park run, which is working well for me. I keep reminding myself I'm just doing it for fun now, because I can


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  • Awww be a proud Mum. I know it must feel hard but youth is a great thing when it's on your side. You are doing really well and don't let any of your son's achievements take that away from you. You both have a reason to feel proud in your own rights.

  • thank you

  • Never run with children...:) After years of teaching, I learned very quickly, never to try to catch a small miscreant on the playground... you juts have to wait until they are tired! :)

    Running because you can and running because you enjoy it, is fine:) Perfect in fact!



    Tell son, since he is is so great at running, maybe he would like to try doing all the things you do in a week, alongside you too:)

  • How did you compare on age adjusted percentage?

  • I was 48 and he was 32. I will tell him that. Also there was a boy in his age range who came 5th with a time of 18 mins!

  • Well done both of you! A great saturday run! Your son might get the bug which is no bad thing!

    At my local parkrun on Saturday a dad was encouraging his quite bonny boy.... maybe about 10 yrs old, to complete the route. At just past the first k mark, the lad was adament he was doing no more and pulled up totally. Later at the finish dad and son came across the finish line together, both smiling broadly! I take my hat off to that dad, he must have worked really hard to get the youngster round. Hope he gets the bug too!

  • he did say he enjoyed it and wants to do it again

  • Feel really proud that you have given him the incentive to take up running regularly which will open up a whole new world for him and give you something to share together

  • A couple of weeks ago I was beaten by a six year old! and yes, he ran the whole way.

    He was running with his very sensible and experienced Dad who kept him really slow. But I was left feeling deflated!

  • This has made me laugh - my 19 year old mattress spud of a son reckons he could join me at the park run on Saturday and finish and beat me - he's even saying he could do the 10K I am contemplating with no training. He's probably right on the first point despite being a lazy, asthmatic junk foodie. He'sbult like a rake so can probably nail it. It'll be interesting to see if he gets out of his bed to try!

  • Mine said to me "how does it feel to train for 4 months to run for 5k and be beaten by someone who's done no training and never run before" Bit gutting, really, but I guess I'm just glad to have his company

  • I can remind mine that I am more than 3 times his age and I'm out there doing it, not talking about how I probably could if I wanted to - I won't say that, but I could.

  • Be proud of him. Anything that gets them away from screens is to be encouraged (even if we have to eat humble pie). We've been doing lots of walking while on holiday and I wonder how the little boy who had to be dragged up the hill to school turned into the 17 year old who effortlessly strides up the hill in 40o heat! Next challenge is to get him to park run (can't see that happening at 9:00 am on a Saturday).

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