Week 3 Run 1 - done! Anyone else have achy knees though?

Sooo pleased to have jogged for 3 minutes and after a bit of a rusty feeling start, actually wanted to run longer than the second 3 minutes :D

I am leaving at least one rest day in between runs but my knees are a bit achy - am overweight and am generally using treadmill - anyone else experiencing similar?

Thanks for any advice and good luck to everyone else this week! :)


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9 Replies

  • Hi squizzer 27 I'm at the same stage as you and I have just developed a funny pain in my left knee , it's intermittent and its going to stop me tomorrow because don't want to make it worse in fact off to docs if it keeps up.

  • If achy and not actually sore I think it might be your muscles getting used to the change. Mine started aching in week 2 and stopped in week 4. Might be worth making sure your shoes are suited to your running gait too. Good, properly fitted, running shoes made a real difference to me.

    Other people say a pack of frozen peas applied to the achy area helps, but this didn't help me. Preferred to massage my knees with my fingers.

    Obviously if your knees are sore ( rather than achy) I would say go see a physio or your gp to have them checked out. Just in case...

  • I swear by tubigrip bandage over a sore knee. Magic. Also make sure you have the proper rest days, or even take 2 days between running. And obviously if it gets worse, don't run, and see a doctor or physio. Someone on here mentioned knee-strengthening exercises they'd found on the web, maybe try those?

  • Thanks everyone! :) It was my back in week one, I think I do have weaker knees and lower back - but at the mo, I think it is my knees adjusting to the increase in effort :D They kinda feel stiff/achy now and usually going up or downstairs the next morning is fun but they aren't bothering me for too long at all, so hopefully it's them having a wake up call! I will bear in mind the useful tips you have shared though thanks and see how I am up to and after next run. I just got some Nike running trainers, haven't had gait checked as wasn't sure how I'd take to this.

  • Don't know if this would apply to you , but my doctor said reason a lot of people get achy , sore knees is because the muscles around them need strenghning if there weak this can cause knee pain , so I've started knee excercises from web

  • Also while your knees feel better , try grass running

  • Hi SQUIZZER27! Same issue here, I started week 2 two days ago, it was a cooler evening and I think the knees get sore if they haven't been worked out in a while. I had been in the office all day, so I'm not surprised. The soreness feels like tightening in the muscles around the knee (left and right side of kneecap); I have used bengay gel (the menthol-smelling kind) overnight, they're still a bit sore today but not much. I am actually looking forward to the run today, might go a bit earlier so it's not too cold outside! This forum is really helpful! Keep us updated how next run feels :)

  • Thanks for that runnersinf! As I say, mainly been on treadmill - shall try great outdoors for next one I think and see how it goes. As you said , more like tightening around the actual knee. Not heard of bengay gel - used similar ones before, shall try something on them this eve. Keep on keeping on :) !!

  • Yes that describes my knee , sore I'll get that gel to try going to get knee checked at GPS tomorrow , been to sweatshop , had gait analyst . The lot walked out with £103 worth a trainers lol , so I'd better not be crippled now n not be able to run , I'll go mad ! Also splashed out at aldi got some good running gear'

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