Great 60 min run again yesterday

Trotted along happily doing my thing till all of a sudden I was surrounded by a swarm of black clad runners, in front, on either side and right behind. There were 3 hordes of them, coming up to me, surrounding me and then leaving me far behind. Now the bummer was they all had "half marathon 2016" emblazoned on their t-shirts, so they were obviously running serious distances but they were SO MUCH FASTER. Ha! That put me in my place and had me swallow some humble pie which is always good.

Still I actually feel like getting out there today although I know you shouldn't run back to back. I run Mondays too so it would be Sat, Sun, Mon. Shame though the weekends seem made for running.


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11 Replies

  • Haha! That made me laugh. They were only showing off for you and sped by while they were in your sight. They probably all collapsed in a heap when they turned the corner while you continued merrily by.

  • Oh I wish! They looked pretty rugged, putting on a good show perhaps.

  • Sounds good to me... it is a lovely day here too...but jobs beckon!!!

    Your run sound super, but I agree with IP...they will all be v tired later.. :)

  • It is not exactly a lovely day here - grey, overcast, threat of rain etc but you know how it is : want to get out there and run! Would be nuts to run 3 days in a row though so I'm going to check out a zumba class at 5pm.

  • Bop

    that is truly inspirational !! 3 months in and you are running 60mins !!

    cant wait to start my week 3 now even if my legs do ache :)


  • Do you know what Nick, once you get into your running stride (5-10 min into your run), the bod runs on automatic and unless you're challenging yourself by running faster, uphill or even uphill fast, it doesn't matter too much how long you run. Mind you I struggled in w1 but after w5 when you run longer distances continually, it starts to come together. The intervals are hard work and I didn't sail through them. You just hang in there, think positive and trust the programme, you'll make a runner out of yourself and you're well on the way already.

    Mind you that half marathon crowd was something else again! Hats off to them but we'll be able to do that too one day, right?

  • Yes we will bop,

    thank you :-)

  • Nice work indeed! And what stamina you're building there too ... fab :-)

    I squeezed an 8K out on Tuesday that took me to about 55 minutes but the day before I'd set out and pretty much jacked it in before I'd hit 20 minutes ... still can't figure out how some days are just set against you but hey ho ...

    Did my 4th Park Run yesterday and got a PB but the beauty of it all is that I would never have believed this possible at all before the programme. So glad I got off my jacksie and started it

    Only downside yesterday was that hubby was fed up of me pinching his lovely big baggy running tops so dragged me off to make me buy some girly stuff ... everything was covered in pink which I've got a phobia about but I ended up coming back with some stuff covered in the dreaded colour to shut him up! I did however manage to limit the impact ... black sleeves with 2 neon pink side stripes *yikes* ... a purple t-shirt which mercifully was free of any pink ... a pink *cough* t-shirt and then to remind me that I was once a punk and a goth and still have some standards, an all black number to stop the pani attack turning into a full blown heel kicking, screaming toddler style affair in the middle of the shop ... this, I have found, has been the most stressful part of it all!!! ;-)

  • You're doing fantastic yourself. I know some days your body seems to want to run and on others it just doesn't. I wonder sometimes if it makes much difference what you ate the day before. I like your hubby dragging you kicking and screaming off to get new running gear! I'm the complete opposite, can't stop buying the stuff. Black is always a safe bet. Women's gear here seems to be mostly purple including lycra tights. Saw some the other day in bright purple with luminous yellow patterning. I couldn't wear anything like that , I would just look diseased!

    Men's t-shirts are so practical, they don't cling and are long enough to cover your bum. I have a few of those and I think they're great. They also come in blues and reds which makes a change from the purple and yellow thing we have going on here. I've also nabbed hubby's shorts and he isn't getting them back.

  • They sound like Ninja runners!

    I've made myself a rule (just now in fact, reading your post) not to compare my running style or ability to anyone elses. I'm even averse to personal bests, I'll have good days and bad days.

    What counts is getting up and heading out (and as far as I know there are no jogging-police, so if you feel like a run, go for one! I fit mine in around juggling everything else).


  • If there was a running police, how cool would it be to be one of the cops? Definitely in dark glasses. Have to watch my knees Pam, so 3 days in a row probably isn't sensible. Sigh. How dull. Still the zumba might be fun.

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