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Hip clicking/popping?

Hey, I've just completed running week 5 (woo!)

For a while now I've noticed my hip making a clicking/popping sort of noise. If I put my hand over it when I walk then you can feel it. I notice it a little when I run, but I don't want it to become more of a problem. It doesn't hurt much, but if I've been sat in a certain position for a while it begins to really ache!

Anyone else experienced this? Any advice for how to treat this or reduce it all?

Thanks guys, and well done to everyone doing this plan!

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I get it sometimes, in other bones not just my hips.

Someone once told me it's because I'm slim and can actually hear it - no idea if that's true or not!

I know I have some wear on my hip but also I'm hypermobile (meaning my tendons are very stretchy), so maybe that's the reason?


I get it in my right hip, I call/describe it as "Clunking" :D I put it down to old age, I know I've issues with my joints, especially that particular hip, it has improved though since I've regular longer runner and I only really notice now when I do something like Tae Bo, when kicking with that leg. I'm guessing I'll need to have it replaced at some stage but hopefully not for a few years yet!


Thanks for the replies guys!

I'm only 22, so I don't think I'll put it down to old age just yet!!

I have had problems with my joints though, (literally everything clicks!) but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully like you've said, as I run more it will build up strength and improve!


Hi, I think you've probably got what we call "snapping hip". Commonly, it refers to the IT-Band (long stringy band over the outside of the hip) snapping over the greater trochanter (bit of bone sticking out of you hip bone) although you can get it in your groin area too.

It's normally caused by a slight imbalance in your pelvis (which is really common due to amount of sitting we do nowadays.

Top tips to try and relieve it - glut exercises - look up glut bridge especially, and rolling of your ITBand with a foam roller (be warned - this will hurt).

Even better - go visit a good physio/chiro/oseto who'll help you.


Thank you!

This sounds like it might be right...I have slight scoliosis, so one shoulder is slightly higher, so what you're saying about an imbalance sounds exactly right.

I'll try those exercises. On my rest days I'm doing a lot of lower body strength and resistance, but will see someone to be sure.

Thanks for the advice!


I saw an osteopath yesterday and she said exactly that - I'm lopsided and my pelvis is out.


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