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Clicking knee, hip spine?

I have been running since January and made it to graduation in March, after a two week holiday I am building back up and am running 25 minutes 3 times a week ... no real problems (though not easy for me I have not had many aches or pains)

In the past few days I have noticed a clicking sensation (loud enough for others to hear) in I think my knee though can feel like my hip clicks and top of neck can feel like it is 'fizzing'. It does not hurt at all and happens when walking (not sure when I run)

Anyone any ideas? and would it be wise to support my knee in the future with something (if so what do people use?)


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I don't really know - but my knees have always clicked loudly enough for others to hear (my children knew when I was coming up stairs from my knees!) Haven't had any significant problems with them running though.


so not just greenlegs but clickygreen legs :)


Indeedy! :) Rather like the crocodile in Peter Pan! :D


I too am terribly clicky, always get embarrassed at Yoga by it. I've heard various theories, gases in joint fluid, tight ligaments, but have been told by a physio as long as there's no pain it's fine. I doubt you would need a support if it's not painful, in fact I've heard supports are best avoided as the muscles can become reliant on them. Perhaps some stretches might help?


Thanks notbad ... will steer clear of support, ... my knees have clicked when bending them before just not when walking with every step.

will try gentle stretching.



My joints don't click often but when they do (ankle & knees) they sound like a gun shot. I've very often had to apologize in my Pilates class as everyone hears it.;) Its never painful though.


thanks ... hoping it will calm a little :)


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