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Week 2 run 1

Perfect day here for it, blue sky, pleasantly warm. The first two runs were fine, the third and fourth were hard going, and then, inexplicably, the fifth and sixth were not bad at all. It was so lovely here that instead of a five minute walk at the end, I added another 20 mins to it.

The highlight was when two 'proper' runners waved and called out 'hi'. Made me feel like part of the gang. :-)

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A lot of people seem to have certain runs that are harder or easier. My first run was always the hardest. Good for you for doing the extra walk, it all counts! X


well done, glad to hear you are doing so well x


You've got it! Well done.


It's often the same for me. I enjoy the last two runs the most as I always feel the runs before are just there to make me feel comfortable and my breathing steady etc. And then I fell REALLY good.


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