Oh The Achievement!

Penultimate run today. I had a rather huge change of scenery as I decided to run around a lake near work. Very pretty, but old habits die hard so I stuck to the road, which ended up heading away for the lake and ultimately up a ruddy hill, which ended up being someone's driveway. At least I had to run downhill to get back again!

As I'm a bit stupid and thought I was on a circular road I just kept on going at the 15 min mark rather than turning around and so when my 30 minutes were up I was still over a mile from the car - so I just kept on running until Laura said my warm down walk was done, so 36 minutes of running and guess what....

I ran 3.13 miles, I make that 5 chuffing Kilometres!!! SO pleased with myself!

Hopefully I won't be needed at work on Saturday so I can do my final run at my local Park Run!

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  • Really well done - i am seriously impressed. One more run until dancing on the spot and yay you will have done it :-)

  • Well done MinxyMissK, that's a lot of steps Fitbitted too :-)

  • Way to go lady! Enjoy your last run, well impressed that you are thinking of doing it at a park run. Told you before but you are a complete inspiration!

  • Fantastic stuff, I've still yet to manage 5k! And a park run would be the perfect way to complete the programme. Good luck for your last run, sounds like you've really relished the challenge :)

  • Minxy, that is brilliant! And another graduate for this weeks conga on the way. Is this a good week or is this a good week? Enjoy the Parkrun and tell us all about it!

  • Park Run was fab, great way to mark the end of C25K. I ran the whole way, did it in around 37 mins :)

  • Well done that is brilliant! 37 mins is a good time and you have more balls than me to finish on a Parkrun. Just seen your other post so going to say something there too. Enjoy the feeling!

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