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Whoo-hoo!!! Week 6 completed! :)

So after a particularly trying day at work, came home knowing that Week 6 Run 3 was tonight's challenge...not the greatest way to finish a tough day I thought.

Knowing that a change is as good as a rest, I tried a different route and it's a combination of that and running off my bad day that has got me through it. A comfortable, consistent pace throughout (barring crossing that pesky main road near me...) and I got through it - even did a cheeky dance right at the end! I even didn't mind the music as much, I must've just been in the zone...I've just checked the phone GPS and I've gone and covered the sacred 5k in the session :) :) :)

Week 7 - I'm coming to get you!!!!

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Go Girl, Go. Five k in 25 minutes in week 6 is truly impressive.


Wow. That sounds wonderful. Well done you. I've got that run tomorrow. I've been scared to use the GPS cos I don't want to depress myself, but maybe I'll just see what I do tomorrow... It will provide a baseline. Good to hear the sound of a happy runner :)


Well done!! It's great when you can get into the zone and run a difficult day away. Good luck for week 7, you're gonna love it! :)


Wow that's fab, can't believe you covered 5K that's amazing! I am going slower than that and finding it really tough at this stage. Just need to keep feeling positive about it!


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