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Foot goes numb - need new shoes?

Hi there,

Just completed my second run of week 2, and so far in both runs, my left foot goes completely numb during the cool down walk. This didn't happen in week 1, and it doesn't happen during the actual running part, just in the final walk.

Is it a simple case of needing new trainers? If so, can anyone recommend a decent shop - my usual place is Sports Direct, but not convinced they have much (any) knowledge. Not looking to spend a fortune, less than £50 would be good.

If it help, I'm based in NW London

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hi are you near any outlet shopping centres i too got new trainers week 3 and didnt want to spend a fortune in case i stopped ! (by the way still running 9 months now ) we have a mcarther glen near us and it had a nike adidas rebok and asics shops there and staff all really helpful asics shop even did your gait if you needed it but i got adidas trainers all be it last seasons for £30 instead of £90 so if your near one def worth a look

kate x


I had a numb feet problem too early on. I googled some stuff about tying shoelaces and it worked - my feet are never numb at the end now. Basically instead of traditional criss cross tying, they are now straight across each level. It means they don't constrict your foot so much.

Here's the video I used:

And here's the article I found it on:

Worth a try before spending more money!


I've had trouble with pins and needles in my feet since I started running, even after getting better trainers. I saw the comment on another post yesterday about parallel lacing and tried it for my run this morning. MUCH better!!!! :)


Agree with RuthP... Most probably the lacing needs to be altered. maybe even just miss out a couple of holes. Just experiment and find out if this works before buying new shoes...

And that's advice from someone trying to sell shoes.... When the time comes for new shoes google running shop for your area and get some advice as your statement about Sports Direct is quite accurate..


definitely try your laces first...I had the same problem, couldnt feel foot at all, now laces only go over at the top holes (nearest toes) and bottom holes, thread each one straight down the sides between the two. I would never have believed it would make such a difference but it really has. good luck x


Thanks I'll try the laces trick - the thing is the shoes were cheap anyway as I bought them before deciding to start the C25K (hadn't even heard of it).

It's just weird - it goes numb just during the final walk, and a few seconds after I stop, it's fine.


that sometimes happens to me if I'm laced too tight, I've never changed the way the laces are set, just loosened them up some


The odd thing is I don't even tie my shoes up - well, they're 'pre-tied' and are lose enough to slip on and off.

I'll try for one more week, and probably pop into Sweatshop next Friday and see what they say. I'm aware that my feet land on their sides rather than flat


I don't think you should run without your shoes firmly attached to your feet! Too much potential for injury I'd think. I would tie them properly but not too tight, otherwise your toes may be clenched to hold the shoes on and that will do weird stuff to your gait. I gather the best way to use your feet is land on back/outside heels and roll through to push off on your big toes - probably can only do that if your shoes are secure.


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