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Having an excellent day

There's nothing particularly spectacular about my day but I feel brilliant....

1) It's my birthday tomorrow so I am currently off work for a few days

2) Had morning tea with my grandparents and a small slice of lovely homemade cake...they are treating me to some new boots AND some new shoes for my birthday as my current pairs have finally thrown in the leather. This is a great help as I've recently moved out on my own and I'm not exactly flush for cash at the moment.

3) The court have finally sent through the next bit of my divorce paperwork...ok so the muppets forgot to include the actual form I need to send back but they're posting it again to my new address so I should be able to apply for my Nisi by the end of next week. Hoping to have it granted and be preparing to apply for the Absolute by Christmas.

4) I just completed week 4 run 1! Did it all...ok so my pace was a little slow in the 5 minute sections but according to my run tracker I did just short of 4km across the whole podcast and burned nearly 300 calories.

P.s if you have a windows phone and are looking for a decent run tracker Run The Map seems to be a good choice.

Hope all you lovely people are having fabulous days too for whatever reason be it big or small :)

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Birthday, presents, cake, a good run and nisi! Sounds like the Perfect day! Huzzah! Xx


Glad to hear of your great day. Happy birthday for tomorrow and don't worry about the speed that will come in time. :)


Happy birthday!


Sounds like a great day! Enjoy your birthday


Happy Birthday, Happy Running!


Happy Birthday


Thankyou for the birthday messages.

W4R2 later on today...hopefully a couple of big birthday meals this week won't cause any problems!


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