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having a mini stress about week 4


ive not even finished week 3 (one more run tomoz to complete it) but im stressing about next week!

its not the run persay (never thought id heard myself say that!) but i have suddenly been told i have to go do some fieldwork as my junior people r not experienced enought to do it, this means on two rest days and one run day i will have to walk for 7.5 hours over bog and forestry where i have a risk of sprains,trips falls etc so i will be tired and sore (5 miles each day) - im not sure if i will be able to run after days like these but i dont want to restart. i also have 4 reports due that same week so will have to work late nights too (this all landed on my desk today after discussing with my boss that im at full capaciaty work wise and cant take on any new projects until next month just yesterday!)

any advice?! should i just repeat week 3? or push myself to do week 4 plus the fieldwork?

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Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If you don't think you can handle moving to week 4 with all of that going on then stick at week 3. You could even have a bash at week 4, see how you get on if it's not working for you for that week, drop back to week 3.

If you wanted to just keep the discipline, of going out for the run but without putting too much strain on yourself after all the bog walking etc, you could do runs from week 2 or even week 1.

It doesn't matter, nobody is keeping score.

By having a "slower" week you won't lose much, if any, of the fitness you've built up and will be able to crack on with week 4 the week after.

hydrogirl in reply to Peter_B

thanks Peter!

Peter_BGraduate in reply to hydrogirl


If you do hold off on starting week 4, we should be at the same stage then, as I'll be starting week 3 on Sunday.

We could finish this thing together :)

useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Peter_B

A very sensible approach Peter. I would have thought with all that trudging through bogs, you would be entitled to miss a couple of runs completely. At this stage, you should be fine to miss a few days and get back to where you were.


If you do feel you have it in you to run, I'd suggest just carrying on with the programme and the Week 4 - there's nothing to lose. If you don't complete a session you're going to be repeating it anyway. If you've done more than your fair share of exercise in the day anyway or just find the time squeezed out, you don't have to re-start, just move on to Week 4 when you can - a week off is unlikely to set you back significantly. It might be more a question of getting some relaxation/meditation sessions in rather than anything running!

(Your walks sound a bit like some of my 'runs' after the winters when lots of trees have come down)

thanks guys! im going to try a wk4 run on sunday then probably revert back to wk3 for the rest of the week - going to have to go buy refective stuff (or maybe i could run in my work hi viz vest - not the hard hat tho) as i found out the hotel im staying at is in the middle of nowhere (as is the site im visiting - but thought we could get a hotel near a village or somewhere with street lights?!) any suggestions? ive seen those reflective wrist bands but i'll be running on single ttrack 60mph roads in the highlands so not sure if that will be enough - should i wear my work vest?

Peter- that would be great to finish at the same time and push each other! we will have our gradute badges in no time!


If you're going to be running in the middle of nowhere, might be worth getting yourself a head torch as well as reflective gear. Would help you see and be seen.

Also, try and work out your likely route before you go so you can let somebody know where you're going. Just in case you have a fall or get lost or something, so people know where to look.

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