Apple Nike and ipod sports kit on its way to me:)

Week 7 run 1 done and really enjoying it. Birthday next week and had a bit of a celebration last weekend as we could all get together and it was my eldest daughters birthday too. I had a running top and the above but it didn't fit the nano so am waiting for the next one to arrive. Really excited about this as I never know how far I have run think its about 3.5 k in 25 mins but can't wait to have a play with my new toy. Anyone else use this?

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  • Yes, I've got the Nike+ sensor for my iPod Touch. It's really good for seeing how you are progressing. But it's worth calibrating it against a measured route (use a GPS to measure the distance) as everyone's stride length is different and if you just go with the basic settings, it might not be that accurate. Enjoy yourself.

  • Yes, it will hopefully be good for charting progress.

  • Does it function like an app like Runkeeper? Or is it more accurate?

  • I think it is, but I will know more when It arrives. I think any measure will be good because at the moment I haven't a clue. So long as its not wildly out I will be happy

  • Afaik it doesn't use GPS, so would suspect it's less accurate, but don't quote me on this - I might be completely wrong

  • I don't have a smart phone so this should help me chart how I'm doing, hope it arrives soon.

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