Did something naughty

Ok so I done run 1 of week 8 yesterday and done run 2 today with out a rest day I no it's not recommended but it's the first time I done it. Things weren't working out this week my husbands birthday tomorrow so going out after work and then I was going to end up doing 2 days together. But it went well. Went a different route with a few small hills but I was fine hope everyone else is going ok


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15 Replies

  • Just make sure you rest and are recovered by your next run

  • Yes not running now until Saturday so all my muscle will b ready that 👍

  • Which has been your hardest week? Week 8 is amazing. You're nearly there... I'm struggling on week 4.

  • Week 4 and week 6 I found toughest cant believe I'm at week 8. U will get there the weeks don't b long flying in. Hopefully u find week 5 better. 👍

  • I just find that I clock watch! I'd like to find it more comfortable and enjoyable!

  • I did clock watch until I got onto the longer runs then I just waited to b told how long I've ran. Just make sure u keep it nice and slow and u will eventually find it enjoyable 😁

  • Running consequtive days is not a good idea. It can lead to over use injury, particularly for new runners.

    Hopefully you will get away with it this time, but be aware the consequences can appear weeks later.

    Take an extra rest day now. Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  • Oh I no I was totally doing the wrong thing and felt guilty the whole time but I needed to fit in my 3 runs this week I've stuff on too so fingers crossed all will b ok thanks 👍

  • I have done four back to back because I am enjoying it so much! Paying for it tonight!

  • Well done u. 💪 I no it is so tempting sometimes

  • I am so enjoying it and miss the days I don't run! Thursday is deffo going to be a rest day!! It's difficult fitting it in around life!

  • Yes it is this is the first time I've had a busy week has worked out so well for me I done all my runs on the same days every week but anyway it's done now 😁

  • Stop now then... it is the way to the IC :)

  • Take care of yourself now. Dont run if you have pain.

  • Your muscles get micro tears in them when you run. Those repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while you are running. Extra running means extra tears and no repair. A recipe for injury or even permanent damage.

    Rest days are as important as run days..........take them!!!!

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