An amazing morning....😀

An amazing morning....😀

I am astounded!! To all newbies & folk struggling on various weeks just like i did Honest!! Week 6 was a real struggle!! Well this morning my pal suggested we go for an aerly morning walk & she is fit so it was a brisk walk!! But i kept up & we did 3.1 miles😊Lovely crisp morning frosty har but nice! Felt great when finished so i thought will i try my week9 run 2 as felt ok!! So as we say took the bull by the horns & off i went! 😀 Thought it will be slower but thats ok keep going!! All my forum friends with me... just 10mins to go.. then 5 .. the hardest but i did it!!!! O so chuffed 2.2 mls and fastest time! Wish I understood how that was😀😀😀 accepted nit going to do 5k in 30 mins but thats ok!! That will be next challange ive decided!!! So everyone out there lee337, curlyann, running geek, oldfloss, mcfitty, BIG THANKS 1 mote run to go😀😀 to all the doubters this programme works keep going no matter how slow if i can do it anyone can!! Probably sleep rest of day 😂😂& might take 2 days rest before final run. Yahoo!!!!!! Phyllis x


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19 Replies

  • Well done! Nearly there now ☺ I think going for a run post walk is a good idea. I do it often. I walk the dog and then while he kips I get my daps on and head out while still flexed and warmed up from the walk. It makes sense ☺

    Good luck with the next one 😊

  • Thanks looking forward to it now😊 then must start planning a schedule or finding a programme like this to help me get to 5k in 30 mins!!😊

  • Excellent stuff Pc59! :)

    Sounds like you've had a very productive day today! Nice one. I hope you are not going to overdo things though. You don't want to pick up an injury at this stage. Anyway, that certainly gives the rest of us plenty of motivation so thanks for that. You're graduation is almost upon you now. Well done! :) x

  • C25k+ Stepping Stones is the follow up programme. Free to download and will get you moving forward ☺

  • O great thanks so much as I really want to keep this going!! Going be a fit 60yr old next July & hopefully slimmer😂😂😂x

  • We 60 +-s really ROCK! As do our other friends on here :)

  • You bet we do😊let's show these youngsters😃😃🏃🏃🏃

  • Il be watching out for graduation too😊 yeah I have a niggle under my foot on the arch so got a support on and will take a two day rest & hope it goes away!! You keep going il be keeping an eye on you😀😀🏃🏃Phyllis x

  • I am 59 next month but not dreading it at all now that I am much slimmer and healthier, thanks to a combo of c25k, Weightwatchers and my neighbour's dog 😊 He is here with me now, 7 years on from our first walk together. We have just been out into the blue ☺

  • Beautiful :) You do of course, realise you are a mere babe :)

  • Ah I know age just a number!! I'm doing slimming world & c25k & so far lost10.5lbs like the running slow but steady😂😂 I'd love a dog but still work full time so maybe that will be a retirement plan!! 2 darling grandchildren keep me going though! Plus since c25k feeling a lot better & confidence slowly coming back!! We will do it miss wobble😊Phyllis x

  • Go you.. this is fantastic. Sounds like a great run. What a buzz...:)

    Head for that last run, when well rested.. take it steady and then Graduation ! x

  • I'm so excited old floss!! The buzz terrific😊like all you lovely folk on here😀x

  • I don't have my own dog! Just a borrowed one 😊

  • That's better il maybe check that out ha ha!! X

  • Well done you! Looks like a lovely place to run, too😀

  • It is 😀new path build beside the river part of flood prevention work but a lovely newly tarmaced road & flat which is great for me as a beginner😀😀 IT was a frosty day to start but but nice & fresh for running!! X

  • Well done Phyllis that's brilliant! Looking forward to seeing you graduate!! x

  • Me too carrie😊 then it will be to keep going!😀x

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