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30 Day Shred - Day One

If you'd told me 2 years ago that I would be getting up at 6.15 am to do a 30 minute workout, I'd laughed in your face - for hours and hours.

BUT that's exactly what I did this morning! July 1st is the first day of my 2 month "intense" exercise plan. I'm aiming to be more toned for my holiday in September - I want to look good in my tankini! Anyway, I plan to do the 30 Day Shred - Level 1 every other day and run on the other days. Level 1 of the Shred takes 10 days so hopefully I shall be done by Fri 19th.

This morning was Day 1 and despite the early start, I was quite looking foward to it. I'd watched the whole workout over the weekend so I kind of knew what it was all about. In preparation, I bought myself a set of weights and some new running shorts (using a treadmill at home is a lot hotter than at the gym!) so I'd have no excuses.

I found the warm up to be OK, despite nearly hitting the ceiling light during my windmills! Then it was onto the workout............

I coped well with the cardio and strength elements (I even manged to do all the press ups! Although I did have to do the "easy" version - on my knees with crossed ankles) and didn't do too badly with the crunches. I found the jumping jacks OK but I must make sure I definitely don't need a wee next time! The only thing I struggled with was the bicycle crunches at the end - it turns out I have NO co-ordination at ALL! I did try but I ended up laughing most of the way through it!

I couldn't really do the cool down stretches at the end because I am just not that bendy but all in all, I was quite pleased with how well I did. After a shower and a mile walk into work, I feel amazing but a little bit achey. So I have my run tomorrow (aiming for 30 mins but it'll probably only be 15 again) and Day Two of the Shred on Wednesday! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Lets do it!

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You seem to have left out the mile swim in open sea, the 100K bike ride followed by a marathon? Come on Jana! Don't slack!! Hahaha!!


Well done!! Sounds like you are really going for it!!!

I think the 30 day shred sounds good (I haven't tried it myself), but I'm a little bit afraid of doing that amount of exercise.


Good for you! I've done the shred and it really does make a difference, you will be nice and toned for your holiday and feeling great at the same time.


Well done Jana, I've looked at the 30 minutes shred on you tube. I have been doing the Strength and Flex and I'm on week 4. I think I will finish that and then try the Shred. Is it ok to do every other day or do you have to do it every day? I also run 3 times a week and am working up to 10km so this would be great for the core as well. Good luck with the rest of it and let us know how you do :)


very impressive!

I have that DVD but must confess I have never used it - I'll have another look and see if I think I can manage to join in your campaign (if you dont mind :)


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