How important is it to have a rest day??

I did week 4 run 2 yesterday and planned to do run 3 tomorrow

Just been informed that ward desperate for staff and divorce funds could do with the extra cash......

I really don't want to wait until Tuesday to do week 4 run 3 as my shift pattern is 9-9 or 7-9 next 4 days

So if I do run 3 today and try to properly stretch and then have 4 resting days from running, will that be fine.

I will be on my feet all the time anyway .... Just need to complete week 4 for my sanity


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16 Replies

  • Rest days are very important for a new runner but if you *occasionally* run on two consecutive days it is not a big issue. Just don't be too disappointed if you find out you cannot manage it and you have to stop.

  • I found out the hard way that rest days are important. There is definitely a reason why they are built into the programme. Don't rush it and take the extra day.

  • Always take a rest day. They are the days when your joints and muscles strengthen and repair and ultimately make you a better runner. If you're young you might get away with it once but then again you want to try to create good habits at this stage and not get on the slippery slope of changing what the programme says.

    Couldn't you squeeze an early morning run in before your shift starts at 9am?

  • You should take your rest day's properly, it's not for people to say that you should "go for it" the programme's been devised by experts. Either as IP say's, maybe squeeze it in early in the morning or wait until your next free time for running..the extra time off running won't do any harm to your progress..😊

  • As I understand it your recovery time is actually when your body repairs itself and becomes stronger.

    Also, your joints, cartilage and bones take much longer to 'upgrade' than your cardio system and muscles. The problem is that while muscles ache and lungs burn you aren't as in touch with the bones, joints and cartilage, so these are absolutely fine until they aren't and then you get to visit the IC (Injury Couch).

    I would take the rest days BUT by all means do another exercise that uses different bits. Cycling, cross training, swimming, strength training even walking are all recommended.

  • I believe one of the running ten commandments is "Thou shalt honour thy rest day and keep it holy". ☺

    Occasionally may be ok and some experienced runners do run on consecutive days. I'm now running up to 12k but still very much consider myself a novice and I wouldn't do it myself. Guess only you can decide! Good luck.

  • A this stage 4 or 5 days rest is better than 0 days.

    Your muscles have microfibres that repair and strengthen themselves and not giving them the time to do so is a) counterproductive and b) increasing the chance of injury.

    Of course, the chances are that you could do the run and things would be OK but why risk it?

  • Take the rest day. You don't want to overdo it and have weeks of rest days on the injury couch. How about going for a brisk walk instead?

  • As others have said rest days are important and are an integral part of the program

    I Think Irishprincess suggestion is a good one, it would set you up for your day at work ☺

    Ultimately the decision is yours as to when you run but caution at the stage is probably the best option ☺

  • This is an opportunity in disguise perhaps. If you are in this for the long run rather than just getting to graduation, running needs to be fitted into *your* life. And your life includes these shifty things... so.... here's your opportunity to find out how to get your run in on a work day.

    (Bear in mind that it is a 'repairing and preparing' day rather than 'nothing happening' day as far as your body is concerned)

  • Yep, rest days do matter....I found out to my cost with hip take the rest day (as it were) and then get back to it when you can...I've taken ages to get this far because of work commitments :)

  • I recommend always taking rest days. They are just as vital as running in order to prevent injury and be ready for the next run. There isn't any race to complete the programme, perhaps try a walk, swim or cycle ride instead?

  • Thanks for the very good points.... Alarm set for 6 am as will run tomo morning ... I think because my heart set on achieving this , I'm trying not to let anything stop me from achieving it

    So going for a nice stroll later and will run tomorrow

  • And nothing will stop you from achieving this; you sound so determined x

    Good luck with your early morning run and hope you had a nice stroll this evening

  • Stroll was good, cleared the head a bit... Need to make decisions in my life and they are tough ones....

    I'm determined to do this, so much so, I'm doing a half marathon in 24 days,...

    I aim to complete it even if I walk 10 miles off it

    I need to do this to prove so done didn't break me

  • Given your lifestyle I would do consecutive days and see how you feel. I started C25k with a very busy life and I would often do two together no probs. Now 3 years later I run everyday... I feel for you re the shift work, I used to be a nurse and it nearly finished me off doing nights especially!!!

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