First run in three weeks! Huzzah!

Well, I went and got myself my spangly new trainers today! Oh the joy! All shiny with moulded insoles! Went to Sweatshop in the Metrocentre where I got great advice from a very knowledgable gal - highly recommend them.

Went out for a 15 minute run, didn't want to push myself to much and was also advised by a family member who runs a lot to just take it easy with the new trainers to wear them in and see how they are. The run was wonderful, really enjoyed it in the drizzle! And I felt ok, I could have ran further, so I'm really happy with that. :)

It's a good feeling, being back in the fold x big love to all my fellow couch potatoes!

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  • So glad it went well, good to have you back!

  • Thank you Squaremum! It's good to be back :)

  • Yeah, back in the groove. Go for it, Fentaz. I hope those new shoes do the job and get you comfortably through to graduation. Not far now. Good luck.

  • Thanks Iannoda - I can nearly smell that Graduation Badge! ;)

  • Excellent news! Need a picture of new spangly trainers - what colour? Do they match the running wardrobe or will you need new things!?

  • Oh Lord, now you're talking! I could spend a fortune on kit! Haha! The trainers look like giant white clouds, or boats! Ill put a photo up sometime - when I work out how to do it by mobile phone! ;) x

  • Welcome back Fentaz and pleased to hear you're sorted with your trainers. You know the drill slow and steady and you'll soon be back to normal. I'm worried about missing 2 weeks when I go away next week but feel hopeful now after reading your post. Good luck and happy running

  • Two weeks should be fine! It's good to be back though, Mazzero! I'm off out later and I'm going to just go for it - see what happens! But always 'slow and steady'! :)

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