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Week 9 - Run 1 - Can you believe it!

No nor can I - the satisfaction of getting this far is immense - and it still feels quite unreal.

But having said that my first week 9 run was not brill - but I am in such a good mood I am not to bothered. It was wet and wild early this morning and bizarrely I was quite happy to be out running. I did run for 30 mins but I did it in intervals - as those darn hills just got me beat.

So definitely looking for a flatter run for the next two runs - i should complete Tuesday.

I have ordered a Garmin this morning - felt it had to be done in mini celebration of getting this far and I want to know how far I have run Tuesday.

Feeling cheerful - happy running everyone!

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Well done :-)


Thank you - I am keeping an eye on you as well- well done to you too :-)


I'm really miserable today as I'm not feeling well and it's supposed to be my running day...week 8 R1. Hoping that i'll be ok tomorrow because i'm worried I might have to go back and repeat because of being out of practice. All the best with your next run.


Unless you miss more than a week or two, you'll probably find you can carry on from where you were before.

Chin up! :) Hope you're feeling chirpy again soon.


You will be fine - just don't push yourself sooner than your body wants to. I think the running stamina stays with us for longer than we think. Slow and steady is the order of the day - and if you are a bit puffed out/struggling - Like today for me - I stopped the podcast running and walked for a few mins - then restarted running. so I keep moving but complete the the full running time - not quite what is intended - but at least you will still feel like you are moving forward and can then attempt run 2 with confidence. Ha will let you know how i get on sat/sun!!


Great blog - not daunted by a bit of a challenge! It really has been blustery today, and that does make it harder to run. Not to mention hills. :)

Graduation so close! :)


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