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W9R1 - can't quite believe it!

It seems totally amazing that I have only 2 runs left, that I can run for 30 mins without stopping, that 2 months ago I couldn't run for a bus (well, that part is quite believable). Is this really me, who always dreaded sports day because I would traill in last in all the races to my everlasting humiliation?

Did the first run of W9 on the treadmill this morning. Initial panic because there was a notice up saying 2 of the 4 treadmills were out of action for servicing. Arrggghhh! Fortunately the other people heading in went to other pieces of equipment. Yep, did the prescribed 30 mins. It was a slog, and the thrill of being without hills that I felt last Friday soon turned to - dare I say - boredom? In the end I listened to Laura and just pushed on, reciting my mantra "I can do this" as the time passed (very very slowly). But I did it, didn't have time to try for a bit longer but I don't think it would've been very successful as I stupidly had porridge for breakfast, a bit heavy even 1 1/2 hours before running!

I was a bit disappointed in my distance, I ran further in less time outside BUT was very tired and failed 2 runs, which is why I was on the treadmill.

Stats: Incline 2%

Walk 3.5 mph

Run 3.7 - 4 mph (having run outside for the majority of the runs I keep fiddling with the controls to vary the pace, can't resist it).

Distance only 1.9 miles, tried lengthening my stride but that just threw me out of 'the zone'. "Could have done better".

I plan to do one more treadmill run and then my graduation run outside.

Hey, nearly there!

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Sooz that is ACE, well done girl :-D



sorry, accidently hit the reply half way through sentence lol. no that is brilliant,well done you

I am extending wk 8 as my wife has prob with her hip but still running, we started together so will graduate together, i must say though last night i was outside and actually ran for 30 minutes. was jumping for joy when i got home :-D, bit extreme i know but i was really pleased with myself

anyway, keep it up, your a star


Thanks. That is just so nice of you to delay your graduation until your wife's hip is better. True love! Keep trying to persuade my husband to start C25k but he's yet to have the urge to actually get started....

Not surprised you felt so chuffed about your 30 min run, it's what you set out to do (but probably couldn't believe you'd ever do) all those weeks ago - I think we started about the same time (5 July was my first run). So well done. Hope your wife's soon back on track.


Well done!!! I also can't imagine being able to run for 30 minutes. Only two more runs and you'll be there - you're a real inspiration! I'm running W6R3 tomorrow - 25 mins - I'm panicking already lol


Great Soozz you're nearly there so get the champers ready in the fridge. Looking forward to your garduation blog very soon so Good Luck and xox delia


Wonderful Sooz well done. I'm with Delia, can't wait to read your graduation blog (no pressure ;-))


Ha ha! Strangely, after all the stressing last week, I'm in no big rush, but should do the graduation run in Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. X


Brilliant stuff, Soozz!!! I've been looking out for this blog. Two laps of honour to go and it's mission accomplished. Went out on my first post grad run this morning and it was the best run yet. I felt like I was gliding along and even though I was pushing the pace my lungs and legs were just shouting 'more!'. I managed 5.5K and felt like I'd been cantering afterwards. See you on the other side soon, Soozz!


That sounds fab, Seanzo. I'm looking forward to not having the time / continuous run pressure after graduation, and doing what you're doing -just enjoying the experience. Thanks for the support.


Goin great guns Soozz, well done you. Look forward to hearing you've finished!!


Fab! Glad things going well!


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