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Week 9 - I’ll miss Laura!

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It’s taken me the summer but I can now run for 30 mins ! 😀

It’s also taken me longer than 9 weeks due to a couple of twinges (upping pace too much) but can now do 30mins!

I’m only doing just under 3.5km so plan on doing Week 10 at 32mins and then upping the run time by 2 mins each week (like the podcast) till I hit 5km

Goal is a charity 5km in November in aid of mental health. Then weekly park runs!

I’ll miss Laura from the podcast but not the iffy music!  Happy Running! 😀

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Many congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

To get your Graduate Badge leave a message at this month’s Graduation Badge Post, which you can find in the Pinned Posts here healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Rogue_1 in reply to IannodaTruffe

oh wow - thanks for pointing that out. Very cool 😎

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congratulations 👏🏻 A great achievement - are you going to treat yourself to some running goodies? 🤗

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Rogue_1 in reply to Dendev75


LOL I already have a running watch now

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Rogue_1

ooh get you 🤣 I’m after one for Xmas - do you recommend yours?

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Rogue_1 in reply to Dendev75

No! It’s a well known brand name but so finicky

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Congratulations! I never used the podcast music but I heard it was, er, interesting! Enjoy choosing your own soundtrack from now on!

Have a read of the post about post c25k running and the importance consolidating and think really carefully about pushing straight on with increasing the time you’re running for, especially if you’ve had twinges along the way. Normally, it’s recommended to stick at 30minutes for three or so weeks first to reduce your injury risk. There are experience runners on here who I’m sure will be along to advise you.

Massively well done and enjoy celebrating, graduate! 👨‍🎓

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Rogue_1 in reply to MissUnderstanding

ah that is interesting!

My pace increased this week actually so that fits with your great advice!


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Brilliant job. Time to congratulate yourself. I hope you have a great celebration planned

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Rogue_1 in reply to Vespina

Honestly seeing this as a journey!

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VespinaGraduate in reply to Rogue_1

it definitely is. But good to celebrate the milestones too

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woohoo! Congratulations!🎊

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Well done

I had trouble letting Laura go and kept repeating W9 R3. (I got tired of the congratulations before I found W9 R1 or R2!).

I was on the App on my phone so had to listen to my own iffy music.

Eventually went t NRC - then Strava - then Gramin... Laura turns up again in Strength and Flex, I think, but that's "Tough Laura", with iffy music.

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Rogue_1 in reply to MrBassmanjazz

I have my first non-Laura run tomorrow. I know I could waste time splicing her “you’ve 5 minutes left, you can do it” into some MP3s and all that but I need to let go and have a clean break.

I’ve a Garmin and my phone for music or podcasts but will be thinking of Laura when there are 5 mins left!

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I have Garmin set to announce (?) pace every 3 mins, (1\2K ish) and linked to Strava for analysis. Check CBDB's playlist on Spotify. Not my usual fare - but great for running.

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